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Minutes - September 21, 2007 Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Bill M., Hubert, Bobby J.


  • Tania will post the proposed schedule revisions to the dev mailing list to get agreement from project team leaders, since they were not able to attend this Community Call.

i6 Test Pass

  • Data Collection - CA had a test plan internally and they have tried to incorporate into this project. They plan to have it ready by the end of this week or early next week. Jimmy is driving creation of this plan. The team would like to extend the test pass by one week to complete the testing based on this new plan.
  • If we extend the test pass, we will likely need Jagmit to provide another candidate build next week.

i7 Enhancements

  • Data Collection - There are meetings scheduled next week to work on refining the list of i7 enhancements and designs.
  • Since, there are currently only 3 i7 enhancements identified in Bugzilla, it's apparent that teams are still working on refining the list. Therefore, we should propose that we move the start of i7 out one week.
  • The draft development process currently states that teams should have the list of enhancements for an iteration defined prior to the start of the iteration so that we don't spend time on this during the iteration. The team should review this process and provide feedback over the next week. We will do a walkthrough during next week's Community Call.

Release Engineering Team

  • We need additional resources to participate in the release engineering activities. We want participation from each active company on the project, if possible, so that there is a broader knowledge of how to execute key tasks, such as modifying and executing builds.