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September 6, 2007 - COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Hubert, David, Sheldon, Mark


  • Post a link to the draft development process on the dev mailing list - Tania
  • Close on outstanding IPZilla items by end of i7 - Sheldon, Mark, David
  • Create IPZilla entry for CMDBf WSDLs - Mark


  • Since we are only 2 weeks from the start of i7, each component team should review the list of enhancements proposed for i7, then prioritize and accept them.


  • Tania has posted a working draft of the COSMOS development process on the wiki. The team can take a look and provide feedback.
  • We should post a link on the cosmos-dev to request feedback from those not on this call.
  • In the process, we should define what an iteration is and the steps inside of an iteration. We talked about defining the features for the next iteration.
  • We should remove words like "generally".
  • We should also add a link to the web site.


  • There are currently 3 open IPzilla entries. All 3 need to be resolved for Milestone 2.
  • Sheldon has not gotten a response from Janet Campbell on the Dojo request. We can also contact our Eclipse rep, John Kellerman, to help us get this on their radar. We may need to have Toni escalate through John. Sheldon will try to reach Janet again. If he gets no response, he will work through Toni.
  • David just requested an update on the SML item.
  • We will also need to create an entry for the CMDBf WSDLs - Mark will create this entry

Resource Modeling - David

  • We are currently on schedule. Working on enhancement 200222 to provide a query service for the CMDBf spec.

Data Collection - Hubert

  • Last week CA provided some patches for several enhancements. They have been reviewed and Joel checked them in. There are several other enhancements under discussion, including management domain and data broker, but they are a work in progress.

Data Visualization - Sheldon

  • Sheldon is mostly doing integration work with the Data Collection and Resource management projects. Right now he's just listening in on the reviews of the design and understanding some of the integration points.