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Community Call Minutes - August 23, 2007

Attendees: Tania, David, Don, Hubert, Valentina, Jagmit, Toni, Oliver, Jimmy Moshin, Balan, Sheldon


  • Open bugzilla entries for creating separate component builds, merging the Test Pass Reports tab with the Development tab on the Downloads page, and making builds available through Eclipse - Balan
  • Regenerate i5 test pass report - Jagmit
  • Close with Valentina and Steve on the appropriate component for the WSDM Tooling (Management Enablement or Resource Modeling) - Mark
  • Post a reminder to submit questions on the SDD proposal before the next Community Call to the mailing list - Tania

Release Engineering

  • Question: On the "Latest Release" tab of the Downloads page, should we provide a link to the latest stable iteration build or only to the latest milestone build?
    • If we clearly label the builds it probably doesn't matter.
    • We should link to the latest stable iteration build so that people can quickly pick up the latest available build.
  • Balan is proposing creating separate builds for each component, so that if problems are encountered with one component build we don't have to rebuild everything.
  • Do we need a separate tab for the test pass reports, or can we put links to the test pass reports beside the build links on the Development tab? We may be able to do this, but don't want the development tab to become to crowded. Balan and Jagmit will discuss this offline and make the appropriate changes. We should open a bugzilla entry for this.
  • Balan would like to propose an update site so that people can directly pull the latest build from Eclipse without having to download them from the web site- Balan will open a bugzilla and assign it to himself

i5 Test Pass

  • Test pass report doesn't pick up some of the current execution. Jagmit should regenerate the test pass report

Data Visualization - Sheldon

  • Sheldon opened up some features for i6, mostly regarding changes in Data Collection component. These enhancements are dependent on the Data Collection changes
  • Team is on track to deliver i6 enhancements.

Data Collection - Don

  • We have a number of features targeted for i6. We've been working on the design of some of those features, and are on track to deliver them in i6.

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • Completed testing last week with no major issues
  • We went over defects and features assigned to i5 and moved them to i6 or future
  • Focus is now on CMDBf query services implementation and defining the SML capability

Management Enablement - Balan

  • Should be able to post the move package soon. There is an open question as to whether this should go into management enablement or resource modeling. Mark needs to close with Valentina and Steve on this.
  • Toni has requested to get on the schedule for the move review. From the standpoint of TPTP this move is approved.

SDD Follow-up - Tania

  • Team should post additional questions they have about the SDD proposal. We will vote on acceptance on the next Community Call.
  • Suggestion: Post a reminder of this on the mailing list.

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