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Community Call Minutes - August 16, 2007

Attendees: Tania, Steve, Don, Jagmit, Rich, Hubert, Sheldon, Toni, Mark, Valentina

Action items:

  • Update milestone plan to reflect revised i5 dates - Tania
  • Create a plan to educate Data Collection committers on the test process for the Data Collection component. This should be covered in an upcoming Data Collection meeting - Don
  • Clean up bugzilla entries and make sure all bugs and enhancements are assigned to the correct release and iteration - Project Leaders
  • Scan bugzilla entries and make a list of any issues and outlying items for review at next week's Community meeting - Tania
  • Open an IPzilla entry to complete demo packaging and release and assign it to the build component - Mark

Status of i5:

  • A candidate build for i5 has been announced. David, Sheldon, and Ali have been doing some testing, and found a few bugs. Jagmit will respin the candidate build to pull in additional bug fixes. The new build will be announced today.
  • Jagmit has updated the test pass report.
  • There was not much done for Data Collection in i5. Hubert can try to run with a simple use case for the Data Collection component to make sure the data shows up in a report. In the long term we need to make sure that all committers have the capability to run this test. This will be added to the agenda for an upcoming DC meeting.
  • The new target for test pass completion is 8/17. Tania will update the milestone plan to show the actual dates for the i5 test pass (8/13 - 8/17).

Status of i6:

Data Collection (DC):

  • The DC team is in the design phase for i6 items. Hubert has been working with Jimmy.
  • We have some work items regarding refactoring what we need to do with existing code. Joel has some items that he will probably check in soon.
  • We need to make sure we are following the Eclipse open source development process. Anything over 250 lines of code requires completion of a new function form.

Data Visualization:

  • Data Visualization has a dependency on the DC design. We have a meeting today to go over some of the integration points with DC. Out of that meeting, we'll have more of an idea of what is required. Joel will attend on behalf of Don.

Resource Modeling:

  • Ali is working on CMDBf work and the qurey to map CMDBf with an existing data center. We have a few issues with the validator itself.

The CMDBf work will be too big to get into i6.

  • We need to make sure that the bugzilla line items marked i6 are truly the items we intend to work on.
  • Tania can help with cleanup and monitoring of bugzilla entries, and we can checkpoint on them every other meeting so that cleanup does not become overwhelming.

Milestone 1 demo:

  • There is a packaging and engineering issue. We do not have legal clearance from Eclipse to ship TomCat.
  • We should get a bugzilla opened for this and perhaps Balan can take a look. Mark will open the entry and assign it to the build component.

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