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Community Call Minutes - July 19, 2007

Attendees: Rich Vasconi, Sheldon, Hubert, Toni, Tania, Don, David

Project Status:

Resource Modeling - David

  • Working on some p1 defects that were left over from i4. Making some good headway now.

Data Collection - Don

  • Main activity has been working with CA to help them define their alignment with the project so they can plan some of the work we need to get done. We have a meeting to discuss this immediately following this call.
  • Have also fixed a few things that were causing the demo to put more junk in the log than necessary. These fixes are in the current code line, not in the demo currently available.

Data Visualization - Sheldon

  • Sheldon met with Mark about DOJO 0.9. Mark agreed to follow up with Janet Campbell to see whether we can reuse the IPzilla for DOJO 0.4.2.
  • Sheldon just attached the source code for 0.9 to the IPzilla. He is almost done upgrading to 0.9 DOJO.
  • Toni has time on Mark's calendar on Monday. This is one of the items she will ask him for an update on.

Demo Update - David

  • David got good feedback from Ali and Don on the presentation. He has incorporated changes and uploaded the new version
  • He is waiting to hear from Toni and Mark on the proper location for the demo download
  • Rich is creating a feature page for the demo. Toni has the script ready for the project team to review. Rich will create a dummy feature page, to which he will add the script from Toni and then send to the team to get feedback. The page will have an intro to the demo and a few graphics.

Update on Moving WSDM Tooling to COSMOS - Toni

  • Toni received the outline for what needs to be in the move package from Ann (Eclipse board). Balan, a developer who will be coming over with the code from TPTP, is working on the move package.
  • Toni will get the nomination form sent out today to bring new committers in.
  • As soon as Toni sees the package and reviews with Mark, she will post it so the project leaders can see it. Then we'll have a review with Bjorn.
  • We were hoping to get this done by end of this month, but it will likely be early August.

Other topics

  • Mark has been having discussions with SAS. When he gets back they will be finishing up proposals to review with the team. So, we should see something on that in the next few weeks.
  • Requirements: Create Bugzilla enhancements for any requirements you have. Then we will schedule a meeting to review and prioritize them. Once we have an approved list, we will pull the requirements into the release plan.

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