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Community Call Minutes - July 12, 2007

Attendees: Toni, Tania, Rich, Hubert, David, Sheldon, Don, Jagmit


  • Sheldon will verify the need for an additional IPzilla entry for DOJO with Mark, and will also confirm that we have Legal approval to ship DOJO 0.9.
  • David will send demo presentation to the Community for review
  • Toni will work with Mark to finalize plan for making the demo available

Data Collection - Don

  • Not much activity over the last week. We have discussed reorganizing some of the information on the wiki, and updating the feature requests and bug lists to make sure everything is assigned to the right iterations
  • For the next few iterations, CA will be driving a lot of the requirements. They are now working to determine what needs to be proprietary versus what needs to be done in the project

Resource Modeling - David

  • No major features to develop for iteration 5. We have a considerable defect backlog we would like to bring down and a handful of minor features. So, we are mostly hoping i5 would allow us to play catch-up.

Data Visualization - Sheldon

  • We have only minor bugs for the next iteration. We have one major enhancement related to DOJO. Mark has been trying to get the DOJO 0.4 version approved. Some of the feedback is that we should upgrade to the 0.9 version of DOJO and approve that. Sheldon is in the process of moving to version 0.9: Feature 195404 (IP# for DOJO: 1459).
  • Does the upgrade affect the demo code? It should not affect how you interact with the demo. It's new API changes.
  • David built a zip file to contain everything for the demo, including the supporting projects like Tomcat and DOJO. David will need to pick up DOJO 0.9 in the next rev of the demo.
  • We need to talk to Mark to see whether there needs to be an additional IPzilla entry. We also need to confirm that we are allowed to ship 0.9.
  • Sheldon expects to complete the upgrade in the next iteration.

Demo & presentation - David

  • David built a zip file that contains all of the COSMOS code, Tomcat, DOJO, etc. Mark and David have been working on a presentation to accompany the demo. They will send to the community when its ready for review.
  • We want people to be able to run the demo straight out of the box as much as possible. We can't put Tomcat in CVS, and we can't put it on our main website. So, Mark's thought was that we could put up a developerWorks article because they allow downloads of samples. The zip file is 250 MB.
  • Toni will be talking to Rich tomorrow about the web site, and will talk to Mark when he returns. We should know something by the next architecture call. Toni or Mark will post a recommendation on the community and allow people to offer feedback.

Build - Jagmit

  • Jagmit added a test pass report on the main download page
  • He needs requirements for any dependency changes - Sheldon noted that there are no dependency changes for data visualization

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