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Minutes - June 28, 2007

Attendees: Tania, Oliver, Mark, Jagmit, Rich, Hubert, Don


  • Mark, Don and David will run manual tests against the latest candidate build as soon as it is complete.
  • David, Don, Joel and Mark will review and finalize the end-to-end scenario presentation for use by the teams by early next week.
  • Tania will post information on the 6/29 meeting to review documentation
  • Jagmit will add test pass reports to the downloads page
  • Tania will update the milestone plan to reflect the correct milestone terminology
  • Tania will post suggestion for new meeting time.

Project Status - Mark

  • We are close to closing down the build. The only remaining changes to the code are in the form of the copyright updates. David Whiteman is cleaning those up now, and we will get a build kicked off once that occurs.
  • Breaking news - David's updates have been approved and are now checked in (Bug 194753). Hubert just kicked off the build. He will send a notification once the build is done.
  • Mark, Don, and David will go through some of the manual tests against this build.

Demo availability - Mark

  • David is working on charts explaining the end-to-end scenario at a high level. He will pull out IBM-specific material to make the presentation generic so that other companies can reuse it to showcase the demo to their members.
  • Don and Joel will take a look at the presentation and provide feedback.
  • We are planning to close on first draft early next week.
  • We also need to put together some documentation, as we haven't had much time to work on this. Don have volunteered to help with documentation.
  • We should try to pull together a collection of all the stuff we have (e.g. documents, meeting minutes, info on wiki, etc.), fill in the missing pieces and organize it.
  • Let's plan to meet tomorrow at 3pm EDT to go through all of the documentation. Tania will post an open call on the list.

Test Pass Update - Jagmit

  • Had test pass report for the candidate driver, which was announced on 6/22. Valentina says we should move the test pass link to somewhere on the main download page
  • Team suggests that we add a new section under "Development Builds" on the Downloads page. Jagmit will make this change.

Milestone Plan - Tania

  • Tania incorporated feedback from last week's meeting to the milestone plan for iterations 5 - 12.
  • Additional feedback:
    • We should change Tech Previews to iteration releases or iteration availability. Call the June iteration release "Milestone 1", the November release "Milestone 2" and the February release "Milestone 3".
    • We should double check the meaning of these milestones, tech previews, etc. with the Eclipse development process. Tania will verify that our terminology is in line with the Eclipse terminology.
    • Overall the schedule looks fine.
  • Once this has been officially approved, Mark and Hubert will add the iterations into the CVS.

Other discussion:

  • We will not have a meeting next week given the holiday
  • Due to standing conflicts, we need to select a new day and/or time for these meetings. Tania will post a suggestion for a new meeting time to the dev-list and ask for feedback.

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