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Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Don, Mark, Hubert, Steve

Data Collection Update - Don

  • Things have been fairly quiet as Joel is on vacation. Working on test pass. Haven't seen any bug reports filed so far.
  • The build was created this morning. Hubert added a manual test case to cover the test suite for data collection. Hubert is testing the end-to-end scenario and opened a few bugs this morning related to data reporting. When he looks at the report, he sees strange dates for the creation date. When he checked the values in the CBE, the dates looked okay. Not sure why the UI is populating a different value. Also, he tried to use same database for data collection and data reporting and found that data reporting is not using the latest data set. So, he opened a bug and is looking into this.
  • Mark just re-ran the CBE report and sees the same date problem. Hubert is not sure if Sheldon has run the data collection unit test, but he can check.
  • We should see if Ali can look at this problem since Sheldon is on vacation. Mark will circle back with Ali to see if he can take a look. He suspects Sheldon ran those test cases before he left.
  • Completion of the testing by 6/26 is at risk given this priority 1 bug.

Resource Modeling Update - Steve

  • Continuing to test and fix bugs. Otherwise, things are fairly quiet.

Milestone Plan Review - Tania

  • We can consider Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas dead time
  • We should have a 2-week test cycle before each milestone (Nov). Possibly even longer for March. We can trim development down by a week if necessary to allow for the extra test time.
  • Test cycle should include test and documentation
  • Suggestion: Add a column to show duration in weeks
  • Tania will modify the plan based on these suggestions and re-post for review.

Build Update - Jagmit

  • Jagmit has posted a link to the Test pass
  • The build report site has links for copyright, etc.

Other Discussion:

  • We are currently in a code freeze. We should not see any code in the repository that is not approved by the PMC. Team should list the PMC on the defect as reviewers. The PMC should put +1 in the comments, and record the approvals in the bugzilla entry itself.
  • When Hubert has a fix for the bug (193756), the PMC should vote to approve this. Hubert should add Don, Mark & Toni to the bug and they will add a +1 before he can check it in.

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