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5/31/07 Minutes - COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Mark, Oliver, Hubert, Rich, Valentina, Toni, Don, Chris, Steve


  • Schedule call to discuss proposal to move WSDM tools from TPTP to COSMOS - Toni
  • Post a link to sample test pass process as a reference - Valentina
  • Begin discussions on dev-list to clarify test pass details for COSMOS (e.g. What constitutes an iteration? What is the exit criteria for a test pass?) - Mark
  • Assign design documents to CA team - Mark
  • Post proposal for Milestones 5 & 6 - Mark

Potential Additions to the COSMOS Project - Toni

  • There are some WSDM tools from the TPTP project that we would like to move into the COSMOS project.
  • WSDM Tooling is a fit since the focus of COSMOS is systems management
  • Toni will set up a call to discuss this in greater detail

Architecture update - Mark

  • The meeting with Bob Mitre is scheduled for the first 1/2 hour of next Wednesday's architecture call, which starts at 2:30pm.
  • Chris, Joel and Mark still have a bit of work to do on the F2F minutes, but everyone has agreed on the main sections
  • We are planning to have a working candidate driver of the end-to-end scenario on Friday. Next Wednesday we are looking to have the automated build capable of constructing this.
  • We would like to start a test pass on the candidate driver on Monday. Valentina will post a link to a sample test process.
  • We need more detail than a basic test pass process (e.g. What constitues an iteration? What are the exit criteria?) Mark will try to clarify this on a note on cosmos-dev.
  • For this test pass we should focus on the use case for the June deliverable. We can discuss this next week. Let's get an iteration on our ideas on the wiki or the dev mailing list as a starting point.
  • Mark would like to work with Jimmy and Don to start having feature discussions. Mark and Don should go over the list they created.

Data Collection - Don

  • Don updated the enhancements that he and Mark opened. Some of them have been assigned, others are not in plan because no one is assigned to work on them. The status of these is on the wiki page that has the plan. We are ready to start testing next week.

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • Ready to start testing next week. Currently working on bug fixes for SML validation and end-to-end scenario. Have build repository to show reports, and Ali is working on the API for this repository.

Other Discussion

  • We have talked about opening 2 additional milestones, M5 and M6. Mark will post a proposal on the mailing list and we will close on this next week.
  • We need to assign the design documents to some of the CA folks. - Mark

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