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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - May 24, 2007

Attendees: Toni, Tania, Jagmit, Steve, Oliver, Rich, Mark, Sheldon, Don, Valentina, Hubert


  • Update the new Data Collection enhancements with target iterations and assignments after the 5/29 Data Collection meeting, and will update the release plan accordingly - Don
  • Determine how we want to build the downloadable demo - Mark
  • Add Jagmit as a contact for the Release Engineering component in Bugzilla - Mark
  • Schedule call with Bob Natale from Mitre - Toni
  • Schedule Management Enablement meeting - Toni
  • Determine post-June milestones - Toni, Tania

New feature requests for Data Collection:

  • Don and Mark have created a more granular set of feature requests to break down the one feature request that Don originally opened for this release.
  • The next step is to assign people and target iteration dates.
  • The consensus of opinion on the data collection calls has not varied over time. We have scoped back our deliverables for June, but overall we have not made any major changes.
  • We would like to give some of the team from CA an opportunity to work on some of this as well. In the F2F, CA agreed to participate in the design of the statistical interface & possibly the data set registry.
  • By next Tuesday (after the data collection call), we should have the milestones and people assigned.
  • Once we have these items assigned, we need to pull this into the milestone plan that Tania has been working on
  • We'll vote and accept the feature requests in the milestone plan next week

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • Mark, Don and Ali discussed the end-to-end use case and the work that needs to be done in the Resource Modeling project to have this done by the end of next week. The team is currently pushing to complete this work in the next week.

Data Visualization - Sheldon

  • The Data Visualization team is also trying to complete the work for its part in the end-to-end use case.

Architecture - Mark

  • By Friday at the latest, we will have an end-to-end scenario running in the framework. This includes build scripts, etc. So, Friday will be our first real driver of the framework.
  • Toni: We need to get this use case documented so that when we get to the end of June we'll have the material that we want to take to our respective companies. At what point can we start mapping that out?
  • We hope to have a cut at the end-to-end demo on Friday. The most complete document is currently the minutes of the F2F.

The use case we wrote down in Toronto is from the end user perspective. We should reconcile that with the use case Mark has in the F2F document. Sheldon will double check this.

  • Joel, Chris, Jimmy and Mark need to add a few things to the F2F minutes - targeting next Wednesday's architecture meeting to have this closed

Release engineering - Jagmit & Valentina

  • We announced the i3 candidate build yesterday. It has been posted on the download page, and we are preparing a build report.
  • We will be announcing the i4 builds as we begin the test pass.
  • Valentina smoke tested the i3 candidate build against Resource Modeling and found no problems
  • Next step is to begin daily builds for COSMOS. Every build will have a report to identify coypyright issues and other things that need to be identified as part of the build process.
  • Jagmit is also working on a test report for the i4 test pass
  • There is no build for the data visualization component yet. This build is complex, so development will have to help with initial build scripts.
  • If you have a new plug-in, or need something changed in the build, open an enhancement request against the build component to communicate this to the build team. There is no need to provide scripts to the build team unless there is something complicated about the build.
  • Mark will add Jagmit as a contact for the release engineering component, so that he will get notified when requests are opened.
  • At some point we want to build the downloadable demo. Any thoughts on how we will organize the process? First, we need to know what the end product will look like. Mark will take the to-do to figure this out.

Scheduling meeting with Bob Natale from Mitre

  • Are we ready to have this call? Yes. Don, Mark, and Steve want to participate. Toni will get this scheduled.

Management Enablement:

  • As we start looking at the release plan & milestone package and looking at post-June, we need to re-engage in the Management Enablement area. Oliver suggests we have a meeting for management enablement.
  • The role of management enablement is to have the right set of probes or adapters that feed into the data collection piece. At some point will this be revenue-generating?
  • From the standpoint of devices that might feed into an OC system or the virus code you insert, what are the resources you would want to be seeing, and what would it take to bring those into COSMOS? Would you be interested in collecting data from resources, and if so, what resources?
  • Oliver will send a note to Toni with times that are good for him. Then, Toni will work with Mark to schedule a meeting.

Other Discussion:

  • Toni will be nominating Tania as the Planning Group member from IBM. She will post this out to the community for a vote.
  • We would like to assign mentors to our new commiters from CA (Jimmy and Martin). Toni will follow up with Chris to get this surfaced formally. They will be getting bugzilla ID's soon so that we can start assigning them work.
  • We need to determine the post-June milestones. Toni will be working with Tania on this. Hoping to have a draft in the next week.

Review of Actions:

  • Mark, Hubert and Joel had an initial meeting to discuss the querying of JMX properties, and have a follow-on after this call. They should be able to close on at least part of this by next week.
  • Mark has gotten a lot of feedback on the F2F document.
  • Don did not have success testing the i3 candidate driver. At least one bundle is not being built. Don will try the test again after getting bug open to update the build.
  • Valentina & Hubert have discussed the release engineering requirements - closed
  • Toni and Mark will close on timeline by next week. Tania will add a walkthrough of release plan to agenda for next meeting
  • Platforms which should be covered - Mark will add this to next arch call
  • Action to provide a Data collection defect breakdown can be closed, since Don and Mark have now completed this. Don will have project plan updated with info from this by next week.

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