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Attendees: Toni, Tania, Don, Rich, Mark, Sheldon


  • Toni will follow up with Hubert to ask him to help get regular builds for all components going, while we try to establish a release engineering team.
  • Toni will put out a call for volunteers for the release engineering team.
  • Toni will follow up with Novell to find out if they plan to attend the F2F in Toronto
  • Toni will work with project leaders and Mark to identify committed deliverables and assigned resources
  • Toni will send team a link to the F2F agenda

Open Issue:

  • Eclipse legal won't let us check in any non-approved third-party code (JPA, in this case). Since we intend to ship a database-oriented collection system, we need to identify our persistance mechanism and make it shippable. We should have submitted a request for Open JPA. We can check the status in IPZilla. As long as that's in progress and we're in incubation we can use the parallel IP process. So, we think we may be able to use open jpa and check it in. We need to get agreement from Janet (Legal team).
  • We need to add a link to IPZilla to the web site. Currently it's on the committers resource.
  • Mark confirmed that we do not have an IPZilla entry for Open JPA. We need to resolve this.


  • We need builds of all of the components at least twice a week - Toni will send a note to Hubert to get this started. We need a release engineering team to establish our nightly build process going forward. We have an action to find a replacement for Hubert. Toni will put a call for volunteers from the community out on the dev list.
  • Having Hubert take time to work on the builds will impact the data collection project because he is assigned to do work on that project. We need to follow up on his status with the development work he is doing. Can we get Ali and Joel together, because Ali knows that layer very well? It may be easier to have this discussion in Toronto.

New incubation requirements:

  • Toni got confirmation that we are in compliance. Thanks to the team for their help.

Release versioning:

  • Our June deliverable is a milestone, not release 1.0. The outcome of the F2F meeting should be a release plan with milestones, and plan for when we will GA in a product.

F2F Agenda:

  • Chris (CA) is planning to attend the F2F meeting. On the F2F page, we should ask Chris to put the names of the people he expects to be attending.
  • We can put a stake in the ground. CA wants to have something out of the project by later this year (at least for base consumption). 1.0 late this year, 1.1 to show at EclipseCon. GA, we should target 1 year from June.

Do the other project participants have similar plans? This topic should be covered at the F2F

  • We intend to use the June deliverable as a sales tool to market to adopters. We don't know if anyone else has concrete plans
  • We won't get Harm for Wednesday & Thursday, so we should cover DMS on Tuesday

Persistence, statistical data, release plan, adopters

  • Toni will send an agenda link for the F2F to the team.

Project Status:

Data collection - Don

  • Milestone 3 will consist of whatever Joel is able to get done. We may need to track progress more diligently. If any project leaders are having problems getting work done, let Toni know.
  • In the F2F we should discuss the names of people who are assigned to a project, prioritized list of items, the requirements from consuming products, and resource gaps.

Web site Updates - Rich

  • Toni and Rich will work the 1st 3 to do's (What is cosmos?, Short description, & Executive summary)
  • Rich received a suggestion to change the design of the web site from Phoenix to Lazarus. Before changing the design of the web site, the project team should discuss the impact and direction we should be heading in. We will make this a low priority for now. We don't want to break the work we've done, and we should get a read from the Eclipse foundation on whether or not they have a recommendation.

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