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Attendees: Don, Oliver, Rich, Tania, Toni, Valentina


  • Project leads should provide feedback on the Release Plan by Wednesday, April 18.
  • Project leads should submit a 1-2 paragraph project overview to Richard for inclusion on the web site. (Richard will open a defect and cc project leads)
  • Toni will schedule a meeting to review i3 and i4 requirements.

Website review - Rich

  • Rich has been modeling the web site after other project sites
  • Left navigation bar - Are there too many topics in this nav bar?
  • Under COSMOS Platform, Rich will be adding a project overview. He would like to have a project overview for each component also. He will have the placeholder pages up by tomorrow, and will need input from project leaders (a 1-2 paragraph project overview).
  • Rich will open a defect against the web component and cc the project leads so that they can provide input.
  • Working on COSMOS demo page - will be updating tomorrow
  • For the project status page, Toni asked Rich to add 2 views: 1 for enhancements and 1 for normal defects. This way we can start to look at features individually.

Resource modeling - Valentina

  • We are done with i2 work. The results have been checked into CVS. We have moved all remaining defects to i3 or higher.
  • Two features have been assigned to resource modeling project for data collection. We are working on that and plan to have a meeting with data collection team next week (when Joel returns).
  • Another feature was opened by Sheldon or Craig from Web UI, requiring us to define some API's. Valentina is looking into this for i3.
  • Otherwise, we are continuing to work defects and fixes.

Data Collection - Don

  • The code for i2 is complete, however, there are still some open items:
    • Hubert has not pubished a bld process for data collection framework. He had it working in his environment, but has not checked it in.
    • Sheldon is fairly far along with migrating the JUnit test framework to TPTP, but this is not yet complete.
    • We have an issue with some peculiarity in Joel's environment, causing the tests to fail. Joel is on vacation this week, so we don't have an update.
  • Toni: We need to these outstanding items in the schedule. We can claim i2 is done as soon as the driver has been made available.
  • We need to do some administrative things to have a release candidate posted.
  • The big issue is determining which portions of the requirements posted for i3 and i4 we are going to build.
  • Harm Sluiman's suggestion is to write up with the process should be and have the planning leader review the requirements to determine which ones are necessary to achieve the goals for the release. Toni will set up a meeting to close on this.

  • These Community meetings are the appropriate place to discuss status (rather than the architecture meetings).

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