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Attendees: Toni, Tania, Rich, Don, Joel, Mark, Sheldon, Valentina, Oliver, Seava


  • Tania should add a link to each project on the meeting agenda

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • Team is in the last day of the test pass, and will be checking in the results today.
  • Valentina opened an enhancement to describe models for data collection and agents collecting data for Iteration 3. She posted a document on this on bugzilla which she can review on the architecture call next Wednesday.

Data Collection - Don

  • Team created new bugs to describe some of the more granular feature requirements and some items required to close out Iteration 2. Most of those items have been checked in or completed.
  • Don is still not clear on the build system, and has not heard from Hubert on how things are going.
  • Team is still working on developer docs. Other than that, the code for Iteration 2 has been completed.
  • Update from Toni: Hubert has created a link to the builds, so he is not sure what we are waiting for him to do. We should take this offline and have a discussion with Hubert on the dev list to make sure we are all clear. Bugs 178590 and 173354 should be updated with what we needed - don't have detailed info in them. Toni will post the build link that Hubert sent her so the leads can review and post questions to Hubert.

Data Visualization - Sheldon

  • Craig opened some bugzillas last week.
  • Sheldon needs to add the Data Visualization design document to CVS. He will review this doc in the architecture meeting next week.
  • Sheldon also needs to capture the data collection JUnit tests in a TPTP execution history so that he can generate reports on those. He also needs to make sure the CVS has the right structure for the test reports.
  • He set up a meeting with Jason Weathersby from BIRT to get an understanding of how Equinox can be leveraged in a web app. The meeting is scheduled for 4pm eastern time today.

Management Enablement - Oliver

  • Team is still waiting to get traction, waiting for someone to management enable.

Overall Architecture Picture - Mark

  • Overall, we have a good start. Thanks to the work Sheldon, Craig and Don have done, we have good pieces to put together for their components.
  • We need to add in some of the JPA stuff and start bringing some closure together.
  • Mark would like to go back through and capture some of the discussions they've been having with Chris, etc. in the document.
  • Don will finish reviewing the document, make updates to include some of the new items and get back to Mark by Monday.

Release plan - Toni

  • We have the beginnings of a real release plan. There is a link to the bugzilla entry from the agenda for today's meeting.
  • Take alook and let us know what feedback you have by posting info on the dev mailing list. We will post updates to the dev mailing list as we make changes.

Other topics - Toni

  • During EclipseCon we had interest from the Novell team. Toni spoke with a gentleman from Novell (Alan Clark). He indicated that they have been reading our web page, going through our wiki and looking at the documents as they've been changing. They are still interested in joining the project and learning more about it. Toni suggested a conference call if they think it would help. She volunteered Mark and Don to participate in a technical discussion with their team. Alan will go back to his team and will let Toni know.
  • We do have people reading our web page, so it is more important that we get it cleaned up. Toni will spend some time tomorrow going through it. If there is anyone that wants to help, let Toni know.
  • When we look at CVS, we're trying to assign everything to an iteration. If you have bugs not assigned to an iteration, please assign them.

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