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COSMOS Candidate Driver

Team, after you have updated your status on this page, send an email to Jagmit Singh (jagmits at so that he can track when all of the status is posted and ready. To reduce noise on the mailing list, report to cosmos-dev only if you find a problem that other people need to know about and react to. Jagmit will post an email stating when the driver has passed all tests.

Link to the candidate driver

Testing status of COSMOS-1.0.0-200803251200

Check.gif Data Visualization (Sheldon Lee-Loy)

Completed data visualization integration testing. No new problems were found

  • Integration build is good.

Check.gif SML (David Whiteman)

Almost all failures are caused by SML 1.1 transition. No blocking issues were found.

Component Pass rate 97%
org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.repository.tests 91%
org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.smlif.tests 100%
org.eclipse.cosmos.rm.validation.tests 64%

Check.gif CMDBf (Hubert Leung)

  • integration build is good.

SDD (Jason Losh)

Check.gif Data Collection (Don Ebright)

No new problems.

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