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CMDBf Graph Reponse Viewer

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CMDBf Graph Response Viewer

Purpose: This view visualize the structure of a CMDBf response document.

Cosmos cmdbfviewer.jpg

The CMDBf Graph Response Viewer contains two sections. The top sections is composed of a table that shows the list of nodes and edges. The first column of the table lists the set of sources nodes, the second column lists the edges while the third column lists the target. As a result, the user can determine how the nodes relate to each other by viewing this table. The user can select a template id from the drop down box to filter the nodes and edges shown in the table.

The detail section shown at the bottom of the view displays the contents of a particular item or edge that is selected in the above table. The detail section shows the templateId, mdrId and localId of the selected item. The table shown below displays the list of records associated with the item or relationship.

There is a green circle icon, with a white cross, that is shown to the left of each Record ID. When this icon is clicked, the following dialog box will pop up, that shows the xml representation of the record detail:

Cosmos Record Details PopUp.jpg

Clicking on the OK button, will remove the dialog box. The raw XML will be shown in the record detail area.