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CMDBf Graph Reponse Tree Viewer

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CMDBf Graph Response Tree Viewer

Purpose: This view visualize the structure of a CMDBf response document as a tree.

Cosmos cmdbftreeviewer.jpg

The CMDBf Graph Response Tree Viewer consists of a logical tree structure to traverse through the elements of the response. Unlike a grid structure, a tree will only occupy the space needed. Each level of the tree is described below:

  • First level: item/relationship template ID
  • Second level: the first item/relationship local ID
  • Third level: record ID

The properties view will be used to display any fields associated with a selected tree node. The following property fields will be displayed for each tree item selected:

Tree Item: Fields:
Item/Relationship template No fields will be displayed
  • All instance IDs
  • Additional record types
  • For relationships, source and target will also be displayed
  • Last modified
  • Snapshot ID
  • Base line ID
  • Record details