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Building the STEM RCP application



To build your own executable for STEM

  1. Go to the package: org.eclipse.stem.ui
  2. Open the file stem.product
  3. In the editor, Overview tab, click on Eclipse Product Export Wizard
  4. The dialog will appear:
  • Product configuration should be: /org.eclipse.stem.ui/stem.product
  • Set the root directory as stem (you need to create this directory)
  • Set the destination as Archive file
  • Specify a directory for Export into: e.g., c:\stemBuild
  • Use a name that reflects the date of the build (e.g., stem-win32-07242008 for July 24, 2008).
  • Select Synchronize before exporting and make sure that you've run update.xml if there have been any changes in internal data.
  • Click Finish

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