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Aperi Development Status Meeting 10/01/07

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Brocade John Crandall , IBM (Brenda Haynes, Dave Wolfe, Greg McBride, Tom Guinane, Hans Lin, Todd Singleton) , LSI (Jenny Monessen)


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • SAN Simulator contribution:
      • Tom and Todd worked up a list of tasks to make the download available:
        • Massage the scripts and get the build to work in the Aperi environment.
        • Tweak the install procedure
        • Test the install
        • Test the SAN Simulator
        • Review the Install documentation and make updates
        • Review the User Guide and make updates
        • Update the download web page to reorganize and add the SAN Simulator
        • Test download, install, and tool from user perspective
        • Announce availability of the SAN Simulator
      • Todd to provide timeframes for these and Tom will add to the schedule
      • After discussion, it was decided that the SAN Simulator will have its own release numbering, independent of the SRM framework code. It will start with release 0.1
    • Third Party Contribution Questionnaires
      • No new updates
    • Aperi Open Defects - by priority
      • 199148 – Dave will look at, but currently there is a work around
      • Dave set up a prioritization scheme. Please see his append on the wiki.
      • Dave asked that we redo the query to sort by priority first then by severity.
    • Road map planning
      • requirements list
      • timeline
      • Road map DRAFT
        • A draft Aperi roadmap update is available on the wiki ( This first cut takes into account all the feedback from those who have responded with discussions on aperi-dev and those that have responded with prioritized requirements as well as the discussion at our weekly development team and bi-weekly community meetings. It also folds in the survey feedback, , as well.
        • The draft roadmap has a number of open questions. We reviewed the roadmap and discussed options for approval. Some members would like a few more days to review. Tom will post the options on aperi-dev prior to a vote this week. We are still targeting to have this completed by 10/12.
      • Road map vote
        • As part of our processed we vote on roadmap changes. As we are not ready to close on a completely booked roadmap, we discussed taking a vote on different levels of completion for each release:
          1. For 4Q07, a yes vote means this will be booked
          2. For 2Q08, a yes vote means we will gain agreement on the content for this timeframe by the end of October.
          3. For follow on activities, we will gain agreement on the priority line items by the end of October.
        • The team agreed to pursue the above voting scenario.
    • R0.4 content closure will take place as part of the voting process above.
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd):
    • Build status
      • No additional builds last week.
  • Development items/issues:
    • Noting this week.
  • ID:
    • Online help issue: Eclipse based or Java help based?
    • ID plan for R4
      • Chris to reevaluate the ID plan based on the revised content for R0.4.
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule. Items updated in the schedule
  • Action Items:
Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Tom 10/31/07 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Harm Sluiman is one. Tom is searching for additional candidate.
Aperi Forum Tom 10/25/07 Suggested by Javier. Investigate setting up forums for Aperi communication. Looked into Friendly, easy to use, familiar to more forum users. Also includes a chat tool. Set up a sample forum Take a look and provide feedback. Checking out Eclipse IRC again
Document Control Tom 11/6/07 Write up text for Aperi document control.
Lessons Learned Follow-up Tom 11/9/07 Put results of Lessons Learned meeting for R0.3 into a table on the wiki with corresponding action items
cvs download statistics Tom 10/3/07 Investigate if we can get any numbers for our source code downloads.
  • Open Forum:
  • Other:
    • Next Meeting - 10/8/07
      • Tom will be out 10/5 and will return 10/11. Looking for someone to run the call next week.

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