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Aperi Development Status Meeting 06/04/07

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Brocade (John Crandall), IBM (Craig Laverone, Christoph Reichert, Dave Wolfe, Simona Constantin, Todd Singleton, Tom Guinane), LSI (Jenny Monesson),


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • R0.3 install w/o Eclipse SDK or default development environment
      • Tom to get with Hans to test pristine environment
      • The dll information got Jenny further. Now she will try the next step
    • Aperi webcast
      • Webcast format set, date set for 6/27 speakers identified, and settled on a provider; ReadyTalk
      • Webcast team holding weekly meetings to prepare.
    • SAN Simulator contribution
    • Third Party Contribution Questionnaires
      • Moved this up from Action items since Tom will report on it weekly. Closing out the action item below.
      • Tom has feedback this morning on 11 CQ’s. Will go through each and take appropriate action – generate Bugzillas, update IP Log, etc.
  • Release Engineer Notes:
    • Build status:
      • Nothing for today.
  • Aperi Downloads
    • Latest stats
    • Included last three releases on second chart. Will move to a R0.3 chart only next week.
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule
    • We are moving the sample reports task #82 to R0.4
    • R0.4:
      • Rodica is having some problems with the file implementation using the CIMOM. She is not sure if it is mature enough for the task we are going to do. We need to get Greg involved with this and discuss.
      • Other updates made in the file.
  • IDVT
    • Test Status
    • Tom to talk to Hans about including a list of Bugzilla’s we carried over from R0.3 in the Exit Memo (or attached to it).
  • ID
  • Action Items
Item Owner Target Status
Third Party Dependency Questionnaire Tom ongoing Questionnaires submitted 9/6. - Utilizing the IP Log to track the individual IPZilla entries for each Third Party Contribution Questionnaire. Tom has submitted CQ’s for R0.3, however, in discussions with Eclipse legal, some modifications need to be made. See IP Log for new updates on this. Making part of weekly agenda. Removing action item.
Obtain two mentors Tom 4/30/07 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors from the Eclipse Architecture Council. The AC is listed here: but Tom has asked Bjorn for larger candidate list. Bjorn is building a list. Tom has started a list of potential mentor names. Tom has recommended two individuals from the list; Harm Sluiman, and Darren Swanson and asked for comments. There were none, so Tom will contact these folks to see if they will take us on. Tom to prioritize for this week.

  • Open Forum
  • Other:
    • Web meetings
    • Aperi forum
    • IRC Channel
      • Dave looked at IRC Channels in use at Eclipse. We can set one up, but Dave was not impressed. Have lots of trouble with SPAM and having to deal with it.
      • Most valuable during end of release time when close quartered communication is helpful
      • IBMers have Notes/Sametime. John uses Trillian (that accesses multiple IM’s), Jenny uses Jabber inside LSI & AIM for outside. Craig mentioned that Pidgin is also available.
    • Document Control
      • Tom and John to discuss today
    • Follow-on release planning
      • Went through the list and prioritized.
      • Doled out assignments for sizings
      • We will talk about process at Wednesday’s architecture meeting.
    • Lessons Learned follow up
    • Next Meeting, 6/11/07
      • Tom is out next week, Dave will sit in.

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