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Aperi Development Status Meeting 06/02/08

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Dial in numbers:

Toll Free: 877-421-0029 International: 770-615-1246 Passcode: 003399


IBM (Al Heitman, Dave Wolfe, Chris King, Todd Singleton)


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • 2008 planning (R0.5)
      • Still need milestones for Virtual Fabric / FC Security spec. from Brocade. John will provide that soon.
      • Still need milestones for Linux HA Cluster support from Novell. Robert indicated he could provide that in May.
    • Aperi Committers:
      • The following committers still need the legal “paperwork” completed before full committer access is granted.
        • John Crandall
        • Jenny Monesson
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd):
    • Todd completed updating the development environment instructions. The updated instructions are located here ->
    • Todd completed the build for SAN Simulator R2 and gave it to Ramani for IDVT testing.
    • Todd reported a problem with build system and Jerry is working on fixing it. We cannot initiate a build at the moment until this is fixed.
    • Al will look at the build logs for the 3rd party compile problem.
  • Aperi Downloads:
  • Development items/issues:
    • SSO – Todd is writing a simple app to use as a test for the SSO client which could be used as a starting point for the LIC sample application / unit test framework. Todd indicated that the client sample is slightly bigger than planned and sized it at 12 days. Al will update the master schedule.
    • LIC – Dave is still on track for publishing LIC specs in August.
    • SAN Simulator - The code is checked into CVS. Todd completed the build. We need to get committer community to do a code review before we release it. Al will initiate committer code review this week. Ramani is writing the IDVT test plan.
    • Virtual Fabric / FC Security spec – no update. Al will contact John.
    • Linux HA cluster support – no update. Al will contact Robert.
  • IDVT:
  • ID:
    • Chris is working on the ID plan update. He expects to have the ID plan updated and out for review in the next few weeks.
    • Chris also completed his review of the SAN Simulator R2 pubs and helps. He sent his feedback to Ramani. The question came up about where the documents are stored. Chris reported they are in CVS in pdf and html. The original source is not DITA but a proprietary SGML. A potential future work item is to move the document source to Open DITA format. Chris reported that the conversion is a difficult conversion.
  • Project Schedule:
  • Action Items:
Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Al 06/27/08 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Harm Sluiman is one. Discussed with Tom last week. Bjorn has a list of mentors we can use. Al to follow up with Bjorn.
Document Control Al 05/29/08 Write up text for Aperi document control. Al will write up a process to get documents reviewed and approved.
Post the new tutorials out on Eclipse Live. Al 05/30/08 Al posted 4 of the 5 Aperi demos on Eclipse Live last week. We are still waiting for the SAN Simulator tutorial which is expected on May 9. The media company is having trouble getting SAN Simulator running. Ramani is working with them. Al will post it when it is complete. Al will post the URL’s in the meeting minutes. They are listed under framework demos. Eclipse Live isn’t actually a hosting mechanism, just a link to some other place where they are located. Al will not change the existing links on the Aperi webpages but may add a link to the EclipseLive URLs in addition to what’s there. If anyone has an objection to this, let Al know. You can view ones that have been posted at the following URL’s.
Update Aperi websites Al 06/20/08 Al completed updating the downlevel pages on the Aperi website and wiki. Al also fixed the problems with the About this Project page where the images did not show up correctly. The problems were due to relative URL’s used for the images so Al changed them to fully specified URLs which solved the issue. Al created a new description.php and updated the project meta-data to point to this new webpage. The pictures now show up correctly. This action item is complete.

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