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Aperi Development Status Meeting 04/23/07

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Brocade (John Crandall), IBM (Brenda Haynes, Craig Laverone, Chris King, Christoph Reichert, Dave Wolfe, Hans Lin, Rodica Ciurea, Simona Constantin, Todd Singleton, Tom Guinane)


  • Project Leader Notes
    • IP updates from Eclipse legal. Will post to aperi-dev
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd)
    • Having trouble adding the new bundles for BIRT to the build.
    • Also had trouble with BVN lab – lost connection to our build machine for 24 hours.
    • Suggestion for now: put together a manual build today and continue with manual builds until the automated build can be fixed.
    • Another option was posed that we separate the reporting server build on the side and keep regular build running, however, it was decided by the group to start manual builds now so test can get going.
  • Aperi Downloads
    • Latest stats
    • Big surge last week of 80 downloads. Half of them came (40) from Canada. SNW booth advertising may have helped as well.
    • SNIA Alliance signed and announced last week!
    • Lot of interest at Aperi booth at SNW.
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule Updates made in the file.
    • BIRT Reporting
      • Build issue – Todd to create manual nightly builds
      • Rodica issues w/Linux desktop GUI – Dave to investigate today and tomorrow – make Go/No Go decision Wednesday morning on Linux on SWT Browser Widget on Linux – use standalone browser for both platforms
      • Need way to bulk load standalone reports with the browser
      • Fix passwords in the report file (encoded) – Craig and Dave to get part working together today
      • More extensive testing with DB2
      • Early testing tomorrow and Wednesday and then hand to IDVT on Wednesday
    • JNDI application server – Rodica got that working this weekend – would mean we would not have password issue process – may switch to that on Wednesday
    • Hans will need at least a week to complete the test
  • IDVT
    • Test Status
    • Not able to perform BIRT report testing due to the Aperi build broken by the integration of the BIRT report server.
    • Verified the db performance issues for both DB2 and Derby.
    • Testcase status: 169 successful out of 171 non-BIRT testcases.
    • Key defects (both Sev 2):
      • 176657 - Filesystem probe causes si_signo=11 on SUSE 10
        • Craig to take a look after the reporting work is complete
      • 183478 - installing Aperi on Linux platform using DB2 failed
        • Driver missing – Craig to look at after the reporting issue
      • 180571 - can assign port to any created volume – fails on DB2 and Derby
  • ID
    • Release Notes for 0.3 These release notes provide information about:
      • New features available in Aperi v0.3
      • Known problems and limitations
      • Additional documentation for new features
    • Comments, suggestions, and edits are welcome. You can respond through or by filing a bug report.
  • Action Items
Item Owner Target Status
Third Party Dependency Questionnaire Tom ongoing Questionnaires submitted 9/6. - Utilizing the IP Log to track the individual IPZilla entries for each Third Party Contribution Questionnaire. See IP Log for new updates on this.
Obtain two mentors Tom 4/30/07 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors from the Eclipse Architecture Council. The AC is listed here: but Tom has asked Bjorn for larger candidate list. Bjorn is building a list. Tom has started a list of potential mentor names. Please take a look.

Investigate technology to run the webcast and demo Tom 4/9/07 Obtained quotes from three companies: WebEx, ON24, Readytalk for a

Single 1 hour presentation (PP slides and demo) with a moderated Q & A session, 1-3 speakers, 25 - 50 attendees, and a playback available afterward. The results of the investigation are located here on the wiki: Webcast Options. Need assistance with demo. Looking for volunteers.

Conform to new incubation guidelines <NEW> Tom 4/30/07 The new new guidelines. Logo is addressed. Need to put the word ‘incubation’ in our download material.
  • Open Forum
  • Other:
    • Next Meeting will be on Monday, April 30th
    • Third Party code for R0.3 IP Log
      • We ran out of time and were not able to go through this list. Tom and Craig will do it off-line.

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