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Aperi Development Status Meeting 04/09/07

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Brocade (John Crandall), IBM (Brenda Haynes, Craig Laverone, Chris King, Dave Wolfe, Hans Lin, Prasenjit Sarkar, Rodica Ciurea, Simona Constantin, Ted Slupesky, Todd Singleton, Tom Guinane), LSI (Jenny Monesson)


  • Project Leader Notes (Ted)
    • Ted is leaving IBM to join a friend at a small company. His last day will be this Friday. The team thanked Ted for his Aperi leadership and wished him the best in his new venture.
    • This will end Ted’s role as project lead for Aperi, though he may continue to be on aperi-dev. He nominated Tom Guinane to take on the project lead role, especially since he's been effectively leading many aspects of Aperi development already. This suggestion was well received by those on the phone. It was suggested Ted put this information in a note to the aperi-dev community for feedback to allow folks to participate who were not on the call today.
      • If anyone has any objections to Tom taking this role, please respond to Ted ASAP.
      • Also, if anyone would like to propose someone else as lead or co-lead, please do so -- would we would welcome more participation!
    • If we don't hear anything by the end of this Wednesday the 11th, we'll consider that the motion has passed, so to speak, and Tom will be the Aperi project lead. Co-leads can be added at any time.
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd)
    • The Linux build was integrated last week and is part of the daily build.
  • Aperi Downloads
    • Latest stats
    • We have crossed the 500 downloads milestone! Huzzah!
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule Updates made in the file.
    • Dave indicated a number of items have completed coding for the GUI, but the team needs a week or so to finish the build integration.
    • One issue is that the Jetty code from Eclipse is different from the code at mortbay. They need to figure out what is different and resolve.
    • The European team is out today due to the Easter Monday holiday. However, status was sent last Friday from Rodica and Simona:
      • Rodica:
        • ID 55 Develop Authentication/Authorization Module 100%
        • ID 56 Integrate Authentication/Authorization Module 75%
        • ID 60 Build/Package/Install Integration 50%
      • The report implementation is still underway and Craig will help to integrate with bundled Jetty.
      • Simona started to look at task "Validate existing SMI-S functions against Net App devices" for R4. She had some questions on first steps for Ted and he will respond.
    • Ted has identified a finer task breakdown for the Equinox migration. This was added to the schedule. We need to find owners for these tasks as Ted will not be here to complete them.
  • IDVT
    • Test Status
    • Key defects: None this week.
    • Prasenjit has completed a number of fixes and Hans will verify those this week.
    • Hans tested the Linux RCP GUI build last week and it looks stable.
    • Regression coverage the last two weeks for Both DB2 and Derby on both Windows and Linux looks good. No major problems.
  • ID
    • Release Notes
    • The initial Release Notes have been sent out and are being reviewed. The updated notes cover the “what’s new” items and extra documentation.
  • Action Items
Item Owner Target Status
Third Party Dependency Questionnaire Tom ongoing Questionnaires submitted 9/6. - Utilizing the IP Log to track the individual IPZilla entries for each Third Party Contribution Questionnaire. See IP Log for new updates on this.
Obtain two mentors Ted  ? Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors from the Eclipse Architecture Council. The AC is listed here: but Tom has asked Bjorn for larger candidate list. Bjorn is building a list. Tom is building a list of potential mentor names and will provide to the team.

Investigate technology to run the webcast and demo Tom 4/9/07 Currently investigating three companies:




Getting quotes for a: Single 1 hour presentation (PP slides and demo), Q & A session (moderated), 1-3 speakers, 25 - 50 attendees, playback available afterward

He will post the results of the investigation on the wiki.

  • Other:
    • Next Meeting will be on Monday, April 16th
  • Open Forum
    • Dave talking to the COSMOS project. They are looking at possibly reusing some of the Aperi BIRT code for COSMOS.

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