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Aperi Development Status Meeting 03/03/08

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Dial in numbers:

Toll Free: 877-421-0029 International: 770-615-1246 Passcode: 003399


Brocade (John Crandall), IBM (Russ Warren, Al Heitman, Dave Wolfe, Chris King, Ramani Routray, Tom Guinane, Todd Singleton)


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • 2008 planning (R0.5)
      • Updated roadmap presented at the community meeting last week. Need to start the approval process. Tom and Al will work on that as the PM role transitions to Al.
    • Eclipse Webinar
      • no updates this week
      • As a sample, one of the recent webinars is here
    • Aperi Committers:
      • Eclipse waiting on paperwork for Al Heitman, John Crandall, Jenny Monesson, Allen Marin.
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd):
    • Build status/process
      • Todd is in the process of setting up additional folks who can launch a build. Todd is going to set up meeting to discuss with Hans, Dave, and Al.
  • Aperi Downloads:
    • Tom and Al will transition this work once Al has committer access.
    • Latest stats
    • Aperi webinar
    • The February download totals are 186 where 111 were for SRM and 75 for SanSimulator.
  • Development items/issues:
      • Dave/Todd/John/Jenny
      • no updates
  • IDVT:
  • ID:
    • Chris has done some investigation on what it takes to remove the dependency on Java Help. He now has better idea of what needs to be done. Recommends converting Java Help to an Eclipse based help system. Al will set up a meeting with Chris to get effort sizings and develop a schedule.
  • Project Schedule:
    • Al working on updated schedule.
    • Latest Schedule.
  • Action Items:
Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Al 03/31/08 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Harm Sluiman is one. ‘’’Changed ownership to Al. Tom will discuss with Al during PM transfer meetings.’’’
Document Control Al 01/29/08 Write up text for Aperi document control. Tom will work with Al to transfer ownership to Al.
Post the new tutorials out on Eclipse Live. Tom 03/11/08 Tom talked to Allen M. about posting on Eclipse Live. Tom will work with Al to transfer ownership of this item.
SNIA Scalefest San Simulator Snapshot. Tom 02/29/08 Tom talked to Mike Walker who talked to SNIA folks, no problem with taking a snapshot, however, the snapshot cannot be publish on Aperi. Ok for use by IBM and any other paying plug-fest member companies. Ramani will do snapshot and working on determining if he has the proper access. There was a suggestion to post the snapshot to SMI LAB web space which is only available by paying member companies.
  • Other:
    • Aperi support
      • Thanks for helping Vikas with SRM / SAN Simulator install and bringup. Vikas is from IBM India and using env. to learn about storage and SANs. Ramani reported that he is up and running now.
      • Thanks for helping Nissamudeen with DB2 9.5 integration.
      • ISSUE: Vikas had no idea where to go for help, Tom received 2 different notes last week about where to go for help. There is an assumption that folks send a note to aperi-dev or open a bugzilla problem but perhaps it is not obvious enough on the Aperi web pages. Tom recommends website updates to show support process. If you have questions, update web to point to aperi-dev, also watch forums for users who don’t want to register. Al to create a new action item to update the web site to make this clearer. FAQ is more Aperi and not so much technical in terms of the most frequent problems that are reported. FAQ for most frequent problems might be helpful as a future enhancement but the main goal is to highlight the support mechanisms.
    • 2008 SNIA Storage Developer Conference:
      • Sept 22-25, 2008, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA
    • Call for Presentations
      • Deadline for Submission of Proposals - Friday, March 28
      • Dave check with Martine to see if Aperi would like to attend/present.
    • DMTF alliance summit
      • Dave will check with Martine to see if we want to do something for this.
    • EclipseCon 2008
      • EclipseCon 2008, March 17-20 in Santa Clara, CA. Program
      • Accepted Aperi talks:
        • SAN Simulator - Session #437 (Ramani) on Tuesday March 18th, 2008 4:10pm.
        • Aperi: Open Storage Management - Session #479 (Todd) on Wednesday March 19th, 2008 1:40pm.
      • Aperi poster submission: Session #513
      • All the poster content is complete. Ramani printed it out. He will review it with Tom and Todd.
      • Tom is getting tri-folds from Allen M., will provide to Ramani.
    • Next Meeting 03/10/08
    • For the meeting in 2 weeks (3/17), Al will be out of the office. He is requesting volunteers to run this meeting and take minutes.
  • Open Forum:

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