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Aperi Development Status Meeting 01/14/08

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Brocade (John Crandall), IBM (Chris King, Hans Lin, Ramani Routray, Todd Singleton, Tom Guinane,)


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • Happy New Year!
    • SAN Simulator
      • IDVT
        • Thoroughly tested all the functions with Aperi and TPC 3.3 , snapshot and configuration functions – switch to switch and switch to storage connections
        • Items deferred to next release:
          • Create volumes - both on snapshot base and config base
          • In configuration base, probe cannot find zoning, but works with snapshot. In the config approach, the user has to supply information in a file, describe the zoning to the simulator
          • DS8K and DS4K with Brocade switch – allows connections only within switches of the same fabric.
          • Plan to address these in the future
        • Todd will post the latest simulator build
        • Ramani will update the Release Notes and send to team for review
        • Chris will post on web with download.
        • Ramani to work with John to capture snapshot of Brocade environment for future SAN Simulator testing - 200 switches and 2000 ports
        • Also look at capturing the SNIA lab environment. Use in plugfest in February
        • Plan to fix these in the next release
        • Hans to provide test Exit memo and final S-Curve this week
    • Eclipse Wiki changes
      • Don’t remember the memo, but the wiki has changed. To edit the wiki, you must log into Eclipse first. The edit button which used to be in the navigation pane during read, is no longer there.
    • 2008 planning (R0.5)
      • We started this activity in 2007 with our roadmap changes, we also received feedback from our survey, had discussions at the last two community meetings of 2007 and Russ Warren has put out blog and mailing list entries on the topic.
      • Based on this information, community members signed up to work on line items in 2008. (IBM,LIC; Brocade, fabric extension design; etc,
      • We want to get solid commitments from folks on what they intend to do and build the plan.
      • Tom to contact people individually to understand what they plan to deliver in 2008.
      • We will hold technical and marketing meetings with community later this month to solidify the plan.
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd):
    • Build status
    • Build process
      • Working with a build service team to do automatic builds. It provides a more robust setup than today, has more platforms, and they can compile native code with every build.
      • There was no dissention amongst the team for Todd to pursue this effort.
    • Post R0.4 Defects:
      • 213935 cri P2 Wind NEW The Aperi installer failed on downloading the third party code
      • Todd working on this today.
  • Aperi Downloads:
  • Development items/issues:
  • ID:
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule. – Schedule changes made in the file
  • Action Items:
Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Tom 03/31/08 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Harm Sluiman is one. Tom to talk to potential candidates at EclipseCon in March.
Document Control Tom 01/29/08 Write up text for Aperi document control.
Lessons Learned Follow-up Tom 12/12/07 Put results of Lessons Learned meeting for R0.3 into a table on the wiki with corresponding action items. Lessons Learned documented here
  • Other:
    • Next Meeting 1/21/08
      • Will hold Lessons Learned session for SRM R0.4 and SAN Simulator
    • EclipseCon 2008
      • EclipseCon 2008, March 17-20 in Santa Clara, CA.
      • Aperi abstracts submitted:
        • SAN Simulator - #437 (Ramani)
        • Aperi: Open Storage Management - #479 (Tom)
      • Important Dates:
        • January 19th - Submissions open for posters and BOFs
          • Tom to talk to Ramani about Aperi poster session.
  • Open Forum:

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