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General Tasks

  1. Follow the instructions in "Aperi Development Environment.doc"
  2. Create a Linux aperi build user:
    username: aperi
    password: aperi
    home directory: /home/aperi
  3. Install apache-ant-1.7.0 in Aperi-Dev/BuildTools
  4. Download jsch-0.1.31.jar to "Aperi-Dev/BuildTools/apache-ant-1.7.0/lib/jsch-0.1.31.jar"
  5. Verify you have SSH access to localhost
    ssh aperi@localhost
  6. Make a symbolic link from "/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.5.0" to the Sun JDK.

Building in Eclipse

Note: I launch the Eclipse IDE as root. I have not tested other configurations.

  1. Build the native code using the external tool "CompileNativeLinux_FromLinux". This compiles the native code in $LINUX_BUILD_DIR and copies the result to "Aperi/bin/linux-ix86".
    • Run -> External Tools -> CompileNativeLinux_FromLinux

Running in Eclipse

  1. Build in Eclipse, see above.
  2. Reset the debug environment.
    • Run -> External Tools -> ResetDebugEnvironmentLinux
  3. Configure the debug environment.
    • Run -> Run... -> RunConfigureAperiIDE
  4. Launch derby.
    • Run -> Run... -> RunAperiDerbyDB
  5. Launch the Data server
    • Run -> Run... -> RunAperiDataServer
  6. Launch the Device server
    • Run -> Run... -> RunAperiDeviceServer
  7. Launch the agent
    • Run -> Run... -> RunAperiAgent

Command line build [Optional]

  1. Start the Linux build:
    cd Aperi-Dev/Code/Aperi
    ant compile_linux

ANT copies files to the aperi build user's directory and starts the build.

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