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Agenda for 09/28/06 Aperi Development Status Meeting

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IBM: Christoph Reichert, Helen Bergin, Chris King, Steven Lieske, Bill Warren, Brenda Haynes, Hans Lin, Marcus Siegmund, Dave Wolfe, Ted Slupesky, Prasenjit Sarkar, Brian Delaire, Tom Guinane


  • Project Leader Notes (Ted)
    • Todd presented an overview of the Aperi project at the SNIA Developer's conference last week. It was standing room only and the presentation was well received. He obtained leads for other companies to consider joining Aperi.
    • Brenda and Prasenjit attended Storage World and manned the Aperi booth during the exposition.
      • Brenda talked to several companies and two to three companies seem pretty interested. Brenda obtained their business cards and will follow up.
      • Prasenjit had many interesting conversations with people who came ot the booth and broke the people he talked to into three categoreis:
        • Storage Administrators from the Boston area who do not currently use open soure
        • Storage partners that are interested in our offering
        • Competitors who are trying to figure out what Aperi is and what we are tryng to do
  • Release Lead Notes (Dave)
    • He has spent some time looking at the defects since the initial contribution. There are still some Sev 2 defects:
      • 28601 (low perf of Derby) - Performance problems somewhat addressed in later version, but still need to watch. He will close this one out with notes on how to use DB2
        • We still need to keep the performance issue alive - Hans to aggregate all performance issues in one wiki page ***Action Item***
        • Keep pressure on Derby to fix current problems
      • Two more severity 2 defects; 30438 and 30462 - they are probably fixed - Dave to check with Hans and Craig
      • Twenty eight Sev 3's and 4's. We will either have to address these or move to bugzilla. Dave to clean up & figure out what to do with them. ***Action Item***
      • There was a discussion on how to check in new function code into the future Aperi cvs library using a defect or feature
  • Status on initial contribution items:
    • Eclipse has asked for help with Export documentation help. Steven is assisting. Any program that has any type of crypto in it has to go through the Export Regulations Office.
Task Duration Start Finish
Eclipse legal Review 21 days Thu 9/7/06 Thu 10/05/06
Load code into cvs at Eclipse 1 day Fri 10/06/06 Fri 10/06/06
Contribution downloadable in Eclipse cvs 0 days Fri 10/06/06 Fri 10/06/06
Build instructions - Eclipse cvs 5 days Mon 10/09/06 Fri 10/13/06
  • Updated Schedule - Items updated in the schedule.
  • Phase 2:
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Test
      • Smoke Test Build Issues - Hans will create CMVC defects for these so they can be tracked and fixed, until we move to Bugzilla.
      • Defect reporting
    • ID
    • Derby issues
  • Action Items
Item Owner Target Status
Third Party Dependency Questionnaire Helen 09/28/06 Questionnaires submitted 9/6. - Eclipse has started the review. Checking with Eclipse for status and a possible target end date.
NEW: Performance Issues Hans 10/5/06 Aggregate all performance issues in one wiki page
NEW: Bug clean up Dave 10/13/06 Figure out what to do with the remaining Aperi initial contribution bugs. Either fix or move to Bugzilla.
  • Other:
    • Eclipse Summit Items Items updated in the document.
    • Meeting time conflict on 10/12, 11/9, and 12/7.
    • Meeting room conflict on 10/5 (A141)

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