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Agenda and minutes for Community meeting June 26, 2008

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  1. Marketing Topics
    • Fall SNW Planning
    • Tivoli BEAT article topics - What's new and HOT?
  2. Development - Review items and timelines for Aperi M0.5 Slides
  3. Workgroup Update - Slides
    Summary of where we are for the workgroups: Launch in Context Standardisation, Production Ready Task Force and CMDB Integration. In each section we will discuss a quick status, describe the current activities, and provide insight into the next steps that we'll be taking (along with rough milestones)


Company Attendees
Brocade Steve Wilson
CA Absent
Cisco Absent
Emulex Absent
LSI Absent
Fujitsu Hiroshi Yoshida
IBM Russ Warren, Michelle Lowe, Martine Wedlake, Al Heitman
NetApp Denise Ridolfo
Novell Alan Clark
YottaYotta Absent


Welcome – Russ Warren

  • Russ took roll call and then started the meeting by welcoming all attendees. Russ Introduced Michelle Lowe who will be taking over the Aperi marketing activities from Allen Marin. Michelle has an extensive background in marketing and we welcome her to the Aperi team. Russ then went over the agenda for today’s call and then handed it off to Michelle for the Marketing portion.

Marketing - Fall SNW Planning – Michelle Lowe

  • Michelle reported that there was limited funding for the Fall SNW. Michelle thought we could find some funding for this activity if there was a pressing need. The question was asked if we should do Fall SNW since Aperi won’t really have anything new since the Spring SNW. Russ agreed that we didn’t’ have much more to show and perhaps we skip this Fall SNW and do a Spring SNW where we would have more new functions to show. There was general support among the attendees for skipping the Fall SNW.
  • Michelle reported that there will be an article about Aperi in a publication called the “Tivoli Beat”. There is an interview scheduled for tomorrow with the writer, Russ and Al. It’s an external Tivoli article. Michelle asked for any ideas for the article from the community. None were provided. A question came up about the audience of the publication which Michelle indicated that the audience is typically technical folks and CIO’s.

Development - Review items and timelines for Aperi M0.5 - Al Heitman

  • Refer to Slides
  • Al discussed the focus to improve interoperability between the Aperi SRM framework and vendor product management applications. The Aperi community is developing Launch In Context (LIC) and Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities. This development is broken into a 3 phased approach. We also have updates for other desired functions coming, like Linux HA Cluster support, SAN Simulator updates, help system changes and a virtual fabric and fibre channel security spec. in the works.
  • Slide 2. This shows a high level overview of the major milestones with respect to the timeline. The first block on the left side of the diagram represents the SAN Simulator 0.2 milestone. IBM is working on an update for the SAN Simulator and is expected to be available in the 3rd quarter of this year. Then, after the SAN Simulator, Aperi has the 3 phased approach for the Aperi SRM framework milestone 0.5. The first phase includes Launch In Context architecture and specifications and the SSO prototype / sample STS client. This will allow members of the community to start their designs to enable their element managers for LIC/SSO. Phase 2 is to provide a working framework for the Aperi community to use to enable their element managers for Launch In Context and Single Sign On and to test them in a standalone environment. And, finally, the ultimate goal of all this effort is an updated Aperi SRM release. Phase 3 is the integration of LIC/SSO into the Aperi SRM framework along with the other work items planned for this milestone deliverable.
  • Slide 3 shows the development progress and next steps. Al sent out the invites for 2H08 development status meetings and invited folks to participate. Al reported the SAN Simulator milestone 0.2 has reached DCUT which stands for Design, code and unit test. This was done by IBM Research and they are working on the test plan and testing it. Al indicated the SSO prototype and sample STS client are on track. Chris is working on an updated ID plan. For the next steps, we need to get the SAN Simulator through test and a code review and to continue to execute against the project plan. Martine is working on an SMIS SCR for LIC extensions. Al would also like to define with the development community a more detailed staged delivery plan.
  • Slide 4 shows the key milestones for the updated roadmap. The roadmap was approved back in March. IBM is currently working on a SAN Simulator update and is writing the test plan. The Launch In Context and Single Sign On architecture and specifications are expected by the end of 2008. Phase 2 is to provide the Aperi community with a LIC/SSO framework and sample application. Phase 3 is to integrate the LIC/SSO framework into the Aperi SRM framework. The other key milestones are for legal approval, formal test and publish the milestone release. Let us know your plans for using SSO and LIC. We will need to plan for the integration of them into the Aperi SRM framework. You can either let Russ or Al know what your plans are. LIC/SSO isn’t very exciting if there is nothing to launch into!
  • Slide 5 shows the SAN Simulator details. The next release will include support for ESS CIM control calls rather than just the querying type calls. Support is also being added for Apache Derby database and support for multiple database instances. We are also adding support for the latest versions of DS 6000 and 8000. The rest of the milestones are for install updates, a code review, the help and publication updates and, finally, a formal test cycle. We are on track with these items and expect to have them complete in the 3rd quarter of this year.
  • Slide 6 shows the Aperi 0.5 phase 1 milestone details. The other items are the design and specifications for the Launch In Context and Single Sign On framework. We expect to complete this phase by the end of the year or sooner.
  • Slide 7 shows the Aperi 0.5 phase 2 milestone details. The main items in this phase are the prototype of the Launch In Context and Single Sign On framework and Sample Application and test environment. We will run this through a test cycle before publishing and write up a “How To” guide for the community.
  • Slide 8 shows the Aperi 0.5 phase 3 milestone details. This is the 3rd and final phase to integrate the LIC/SSO framework into the SRM framework. We also want to remove the Java Help dependency by switching to an Eclipse based help system. Brocade is providing a Virtual Fabric and Fibre Channel security spec. I talked with Brocade last week and they indicated they will provide a schedule for this work soon. Al indicated he still needs the schedule milestones for the Linux HA Cluster Support from the Novell folks. So stay tuned! This item may move either in or out, pending the comeback from Novell. And lastly, there will be help and publication updates and a formal test cycle to verify all the new functions before publishing the Aperi SRM 0.5 release.

For those of you that are interested.

  • Slide 10 shows the Aperi downloads by country. The information is based on the end of May 2008. Al will update June after the month end.
  • Slide 11 shows the May totals and running total. Including the June numbers, Aperi has surpassed the 3000th download of Aperi open source products.

There was some discussion about showing some of this development at the Spring SNW and perhaps something with SMIS LIC prototyping.

Workgroup Update - [http] - Martine Wedlake

  • Martine made a request for additional participation in the workgroups.
  • LIC enablement meeting: Martine reported the group was making good progress. For the SMIS spec. extensions for LIC, the group has created a scoping document which will be presented to the SNIA core workgroup at their summer symposium. The group also realized that not all applications that Aperi may want to launch are CIM based and therefore, there is a need for another mechanism. For example, what if Aperi were to launch Cosmos or vise versa. The group termed this type of launching peer-to-peer launching and is defining a specification for this method.
  • SMIS production ready task force: Martine also reported that this group is made some good progress. The group spent the last few months brainstorming SMIS issues and problems. We prioritized this list and presented to SNIA PR taskforce. They were very receptive of the Aperi viewpoint. SNIA PRTF will be getting back to us with a tuned list of what they view Aperi priorities should be. We will have our own list of priorities so we will negotiate to come up with the list of things Aperi will do in the future to address these items. Russ mentioned that there is a big revitalizing initiative to make SNIA implementations more robust and improved.
  • CIM DB/ COSMOS interaction: (Edit by Al) This workgroup completed it’s goals so is no longer meeting. It may start up again if we determine additional items Aperi and Cosmos would like to accomplish.

Other Topics:

  • none this month

Action items:

  • Russ will set up next meeting for the end of July and send out invitations.

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