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Agenda and minutes for Community meeting January 24, 2008

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Overview of the Single Sign On and Launch In Context Themes for 2008

This call will give an architecture overview for our Aperi themes for 2008, Single Sign On and Launch In Context.
Dave Wolfe will review the architecture, the components and interactions that will help you assess how to adopt these technologies in your offerings. He will also answer any questions you have on this architecture. The presentation is attached below. Please ensure you have a representative on this call. This is a key project for us in 2008.

Aperi Themes 2008 Architecture Review [1]


Company Attendees
Brocade Steve Wilson
CA Absent
Cisco Absent
Emulex Absent
LSI Jenny Monesson
Fujitsu Hiroshi Yoshida
IBM Russ Warren, Dave Wolfe, Allen Marin, Martine Wedlake, Tom Guinane
NetApp Denise Ridolfo, John Tyrrell
Novell Robert Wipfel, Alan Clark
YottaYotta Javier Lozano

== Minutes ==

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