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Advanced Settings

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Advance Settings Reference

Advanced Settings

Target Directory : This specifies the name of the directory where teh generated artifacts will appear. By deafult it is set to "target/tigerstripe.gen".

Clear taregt directory before generate : When "enabled" all contents of the current "target" directory will be deleted *prior* to execution of the generation rules. By default it is set to "false".

Run all rules as local : When "enabled" *ALL* rules in *ALL* generators will eb treated as "local" - Artifact rules will iterate over ONLY those artifacts in the current project, and the conetents of the $allArtifacts, $allEntities, etc collections will be those for the current project only. USE WITH CAUTION. By default it is set to "false".

Generate report : When "enabled" a report will be gnereated in the target directory with the name "tigerstripe.report". By default it is set to "false".