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  • Attendees
    • Bob Goodman - IBM
    • Mike Kaply - IBM
    • David Williams - IBM
    • Javier Pedemonte - IBM
    • Brad Childs - IBM
  • XULRunner - build
    • Philippe stated that he is having problems applying the patches. Javier will help work out the details. RedHat is still arranging for a person to do the 64 bit build.
  • ATF build issues
    • Discuss the issues of build JSDT on WTP 2.0. Bob will document the issue on the Wiki.
  • Next Milestone
    • A agreement was made for the next milestone. It will be available in early January. It will contain the following items
      • New XULRunner builds
      • Eval support
      • Latest JSDT code
    • Nexb has agree to allocate a person to complete the Eval support.
  • Moving to WTP 3.0
    • The decision was made to do the next milestone on WTP 2.0 and then move to WTP 3.0.
  • WYSIWYG editor
    • A proposal for the WYSIWYG is being worked on.
  • Planning Meetings for December/New years
    • The planning meeting will be cancelled for the following dates
    • Dec 25 - cancelled
    • Jan 1 - cancelled
  • It still is to be decided whether there will be a meeting on Dec 18.

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