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Notes from Nov 13 planning Meeting

  • Attendees:
    • Robert Goodman - IBM
    • Mike Kaply - IBM
    • David Williams - IBM
    • Phil Berkland - IBM
    • Brad Childs - IBM
    • Javier Pedemonte - IBM
    • Jim Zhang - IBM
    • Wayne Parrott - Genuitec

  • [CQ 1528] XULRunner Version:
    The review of the XULRunner source, a number of IP issues have been found. We are working with the Eclipse lawyers and to resolve the issues. I some cases removing trivial/unused functionality resolved the problem. For instance, sqlite is in the source but is not used in XULRunner. New XULRunner builds will be created with the changes. In other cases has agree to relicense some file where committers has modified the default MPL 1.1 license. Once the new XULRunner builds are available, we will create new ATF builds that use the new XULRunner.
  • JSDT
    As part of integrating JSDT into WTP 3.0. Changes have been that are not compatible with WTP 2.0. Phil Berkland has stated only the JSDT Web support is not compatible with WTP 2.0. It would be possible to build the rest of JSDT with the version of the Web support we use today.
  • Moving to WTP 3.0
    The team discussed when ATF should moved the to WTP 3.0. Today ATF is using WTP 2.0. It was suggested that we do one more milestone with the new XULRunner builds and then move to WTP 3.0. Wayne Parrott stated that Genuitec would prefer ATF stay on one stream that worked with both WTP 2.0 and 3.0, so that they can pick up changes/enhancements without moving to WTP 3.0 -- and any contributions they could make would be on the 2.0 base. Bob Goodman will build ATF against WTP 3.0 to understand the changes that are required.

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