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(Feature map)
(Feature map)
Line 68: Line 68:
| x
| x
| [[Xtext_Project_Plan/Features/Tooling/Find references | Finf references]]
| [[Xtext_Project_Plan/Features/Tooling/Find references | Find references]]
| x
| x
| x
| x

Revision as of 03:50, 8 July 2008

Feature map

This map lists all UI features, indicating the model / parser facilities they need access to.

Feature Needs access to
AST Parse Tree Grammar
Syntax highlighting x
Content assist x x x
Folding x x
Outline x
Hovering x x x
Code formatting x
Hyperlinking (CTRL + F3 / CTRL + Mouse) x x
Code templates x x
Autoedit x x
 Mark occurrences x
Quick Fix x x x
Find references x x
Find declaration x x
Type lookup x x
Content provider (labels / icons) x x
Refactoring x x x

Other features

  • Preferences (UI / Backend)

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