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Xtext/Workspace Setup

Here's how to set up your workspace for developing Xtext.

  1. Download and install Eclipse Galileo (Eclipse 3.5 - latest Stream Stable Build) - download
  2. Download the itemis ANTLR connector from the itemis server and place it in your dropins folder - download
  3. Start Eclipse
  4. Open the installation dialog (Help -> Install new software...)
  5. select the latest milstone builds of the following features for installation:
    1. EMF SDK 2.5 - update site
    2. UML 2 End-User Features 2.2.1 - update site
  6. Quit Eclipse
  7. Download and dropin the latest milestone of Xpand 0.7.0 - download
  8. Download and dropin the latest milestone of MWE 0.7.0 - download
  9. Start Eclipse
  10. Make sure you use ISO-8859-1 as default text file encoding (Preferences -> Workspace -> Text file encoding -> Other = ISO-8859-1
  11. Download and import the Xtext Team Project set file into your workspace. For details, please refer to Xtext_Repository_Details
  12. Export the following plugins into your dropins folder as deployable feature or plugin
    1. org.antlr.runtime
    2. org.easymock
    3. org.eclipse.xtext.log4j
  13. Close this 3 projects
  14. Restart Eclipse

Nice to have, but not required

  • For easier colaboration and a task-focused interface, you can install Mylyn
  1. Open the installation dialog (Help -> Install new software...) and select Mylyn
    1. Mylyn Bridge: Eclipse IDE
    2. Mylyn Bridge: Java Development
    3. Mylyn Bridge: Plug-in Development
    4. Mylyn Bridge: Team Support
    5. Mylyn Connector: Bugzilla
    6. Mylyn Focused UI
    7. Mylyn Task List

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