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Xtext/Workspace Setup

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Here's how to set up your workspace for developing Xtext.

  1. Download and install Eclipse Galileo (Eclipse 3.5 - latest Stream Stable Build) - download
  2. Download the itemis ANTLR connector from the itemis server and place it in your dropins folder - download
  3. Start Eclipse
  4. Open the installation dialog (Help -> Install new software...)
  5. select the latest milstone builds of the following features for installation:
    1. EMF SDK 2.5 - update site
    2. UML 2 End-User Features 2.2.1 - update site
  6. Quit Eclipse
  7. Download and dropin the latest milestone of Xpand 0.7.0 - download
  8. Download and dropin the latest milestone of MWE 0.7.0 - download
  9. Start Eclipse
  10. Make sure you use ISO-8859-1 as default text file encoding (Preferences -> Workspace -> Text file encoding -> Other = ISO-8859-1
  11. Download and import the Xtext Team Project set file into your workspace. For details, please refer to Xtext_Repository_Details
  12. Export the following plugins into your dropins folder as deployable feature or plugin and close the projects
    1. org.antlr.runtime
    2. org.easymock
    3. org.eclipse.xtext.log4j
  13. Restart Eclipse

Nice to have, but not required

  • For easier colaboration and a task-focused interface, you can install Mylyn
  1. Open the installation dialog (Help -> Install new software...) and select Mylyn
    1. Mylyn Bridge: Eclipse IDE
    2. Mylyn Bridge: Java Development
    3. Mylyn Bridge: Plug-in Development
    4. Mylyn Bridge: Team Support
    5. Mylyn Connector: Bugzilla
    6. Mylyn Focused UI
    7. Mylyn Task List

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