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A collection of libraries (e.g. active annotations and glue APIs).

Name Description Keywords
Xtend-Contrib Collection of small extensions and active annotations for popular libraries. ActiveAnnotation Caliper QueryDSL Swing
IXLibs Collection of small libraries for Xtend ActiveAnnotation
Xtend-Utils A collection of Xtend-related utility code. ActiveAnnotation
Xtendroid An Android library that combines the power of Xtend with some utility classes/annotations for productive Android development. Android ActiveAnnotation
GWT Todo App This implementation of the TodoMVC app uses GWT and Xtend. Example ActiveAnnotation GWT
Vert.x examples Vert.x examples reimplemented in Xtend Example Vert.x
Neo4J & Xtend An active annotation for data mapping to Neo4j nodes. Example Neo4J ActiveAnnotation
Rest API with Jetty A nice little Rest API using Jetty and active annotations Example Jetty Rest ActiveAnnotation
JSONized An active annotation generating static facades to JSON data structures. Example JSON ActiveAnnotation
Euler puzzles in Xtend The popular Euler puzzles solved in Xtend Examples
XtendFX XtendFX is a little library making JavaFX programming in Java and Xtend a joy. ActiveAnnotation JavaFX Builder

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