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XST Project/UserGuide/Verification

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XML Signatures View


The XML Signatures view lists all signatures contained in the selected XML document, together with their status (valid, invalid, unknown) and some additional signature information.You can either open this view manually by selecting Window --> Show View --> Other --> XML --> XML Signatures or you can use the XML Security context menu and select New Verification... which opens the view automatically.

XML Signatures view

The toolbar (and the menu as well as the context menu) enable you to refresh all signatures for the currently opened (active) XML document. This scans the document and shows you all discovered signatures, as well as their status and some other information. This is a shortcut which enables you to find signatures in another XML document without using the context menu in the editor or view again.

The signature properties are accessible via the toolbar icon or by double clicking on a view entry. This will open a dialog with additional information on the selected entry.

Unknown Signatures

Sometimes verification of a signature fails.This may happen when required XML elements or attributes are missing or the XML document is itself invalid. For security reasons, you should regard an unknown signature status as an invalid signature. Depending on the missing parts it may even be possible that the signature details dialog (Properties) cannot be opened because too much required information is missing.

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