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XSL Release Plan/ArchivedPlan1.0

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Note that prior milestones before 1.0M7 may not correctly display, since XSL Tools has now moved into the WTP Source Editor and all targets were reset prior to 1.0m7.


Goals: Integration with Web Tools Platform 3.1

1.0M1 Build Declared: August 26, 2008


Goals: Refactor Debugging, XSL Content Assistance improvements.

Build Declared: September 26, 2008


Goals: Debugger, Templates View, Project Level Validation, EXSLT support

  • Goals Addressed: Project Level Validation


Goals: Debugger, Templates View


Goals: XPath 2.0, XPath View

  • Goals Addressed: PsychoPath Xpath 2.0, XPath 2.0 validation, XPath View


Goals: Stabilization, Documentation


Goals: Stabilization, More Code Coverage, SDK Documentation

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