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XSL Release Plan

The following is a tentative schedule of dates for the XSL Tooling Project. An official release date has not been set, and the best answer at this time is "when it's ready." With that said, the XSL Tool Project will be following closely the WTP Release schedule, but will not be included in the Ganymede release.

About Version Numbering

Since the XSL Tooling project is based off of initial code contributions from both the X-Assist and Eclipse XSLT editors. It was decided that that initial version would start off at 0.5. XSL Tools 0.5 was released on August 13, 2008. The current version in development is 1.1. XSL Tools 1.0 was released Galileo.

XSL Tools 1.1 (WTP 3.2) is currently under development.

Archived Plans

The plan information in regards to prior releases of XSL Tools can be found below:


The first public build version was scheduled for January 21, 2008. XSL Tools is currently on 1.1 (WTP 3.2). To this affect the XSL Tooling project will aim to follow the build schedule of WTP.

The calendar is available in the following formats: ICal,ATOM News Feed,HTML

Please only select items that you feel you can complete. If there is a feature listed in the requirements page, that doesn't have a bug please create one for it as well. Anything that is planned to be worked on should have a bug entered to track it's progress.

Please Review the current backlog and add the appropriate target milestone only in the iteration you plan to work on it.

1.1M1 (WTP 3.2M1)

Goals: PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Processor Compliance with W3C Test Suite.


Goals: Finish PsychoPath Processor compliance, Enhance XPath View to support XPath 2.0


Goals: Stabilization, Documentation

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