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XQDT/Status Meetings/2010-08-25

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XQDT Development Status Meeting


Project Commiters
Gabriel P Y
Lionel V Y
Sam N
William C Y
David C Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.


Development Status

  • Gabriel changed the plug-in version numbers to 0.8 for the 0.8M1 release this Friday
  • David created the xquery-release Git branch and migrated the continuous and integration builds to the new
  • William submitted the uri-resolver patch (proper reporting of errors when module URI's are wrong) for the Sausalito projects

The list below contains al the Bugzilla reported bugs that were fixed for this 0.8M1 release:

  • Lionel
    • Bug 292343 XQuery grammar does not accept nested comments
    • Bug 296129 XQDT SF FEATURE#2782037: Variable scope checking
    • Bug 321745 [SSE] Wrong parsing: "Syntax error: expected end of file."
    • Bug 321847 Incorrect parsing of expressions
    • Bug 322043 [SSE] Incorrect parsing of function declarations
    • Bug 322044 [SSE] Incorrect parsing when comments appear at certain places
    • Bug 322053 [SSE] XML comments not parsed
    • Bug 321750 [SSE] keyword "to" is not highlighted
    • Bug 322061 [SSE] empty-sequence() and item() are shown as functions
    • Bug 322150 [SSE] Incorrect parsing when comments appear in SequenceType
    • Bug 320558 [SSE] XQuery Scripting Syntax Coloring
  • Gabriel
    • Bug 305734 interpreter dialog does not allow running Saxon 9 HE XQuery engine
    • Bug 321741 [SSE] Correct or disable pair matching
    • Bug 321723 Syntax Highlighting color schemes
    • Bug 321727 Transparent colour for syntax highlighting background
  • David
    • Clean Up XQuery-dev branch to only relevant code (Bug 323399)

Future Plans

  • we will discuss on Sept. 15th about how to unify the DLTK and SSE AST models
  • 0.8M2 release for Oct. 8th

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