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XQDT/Status Meetings/2010-06-02

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XQDT Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Gabriel P Y
Sam N Y
William C Y
David C
Donald K
Lionel V Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.



  • Gabriel added the "Where to Start" feature table to guide people where to start when they want to implement vendor specific features.

Development Status

  • Gabriel
    • brought to life the first version of the Sausalito debugger
    • implemented the SWTBot UI Test for the Sausalito plugins

Future Plans

  • Gabriel will write the SWTBot UI tests for XQDT core plugins (synchronize with Dave on how to have an interpreter on the server)
  • Lionel and Gabriel will dig more into DLTK and SSE respectively such that we can envision a proper solution for XQDT using the SSE editor
  • Lionel will submit a new patch for the SSE integration bug; Gabriel will push it for Eclipse IP review

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