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XQDT/Status Meetings/2010-01-06

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XQDT Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Gabriel P Y
Sam N Y
William C Y
David C Y
Donald K

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Announcements And Special Reports

Ready to declare the 0.7.0 M1 build. But some testing has to be done before.



  • Added the Release Notes page that will document the new features and the known bugs for each milestone/release
  • Gabriel will add articles for:
    • how to provide an XQDoc Command handler implementation

Bugs / Issues

Development Status

  • Gabriel
    • hacked back the MarkLogicBuiltinsDoc that provides documentation for ML builins. This implementation is just a temporary
    • commited the builtinModules extension point. Both Zorba (starting with the next version, e.a. 1.0) and MarkLogic builtins adhere now to this convention.
    • implemented the first version of the "implicitImports" extension point (an improvement of this might be necessary: see Future Plans section)

Future Plans

  • We have to approach the XQDoc guys and together with EXPath guys try to push a new (more complete) version of the XQDoc schema/comment structure.
  • The implicitImports extension point should have "more intelligent" prefixes. They should be enabled by the module version declaration.
  • 0.7.0 M1 complete until next call!!! :) Finally!
  • Preliminary discussions on the default XQDT XQuery processor: David sent this message around a couple of weeks ago about XBird. William should create a bug entry for this issue.
  • set the date for 0.7.0 M2 to be 26 Feb 2010

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