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Wikitect is a wiki inspired script for creating high-level architecture diagrams. Think of it as a document template, not a complete application. A prototype of Wikitect is hosted at

Browse Eclipse Architecture

This is the draft of the Eclipse Architecture, maintained by the Architecture Council, as required by the Developent Process. They are two views into one diagram. Architecture Council members can get a login from WardCunningham.

These are two more architecture diagrams that provide places to experiment with Wikitect. The first is a copy of the above architecture, copied over fresh at midnight (Pacific) each night. The second is a toy description of an automobile. Changes here will persist.

Architecture Markup Conventions

Here we describe formating rules and conventi1ons.

  • who: name
  • what: title
  • when: date
  • where: url
  • why: description
  • 1-9: code or title
  • horz: on
  • color: name or #rgb

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