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Website Backlog

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{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} This page lists what we're doing to improve the overall website. It focuses on the external facing content and look & feel. Technical content of the wiki is not included here (see Wiki Backlog), although style sheet issues of the wiki are included here.


To Do:

  • Finish applying web nav to all wiki pages 223927


New Site Look and Feel

Original Design Goals:

  • Give the site have a sense of "integrity". Make the site seem likes its own place while tying this in to the Eclipse mother ship
  • Make it seem like Higgins is a "cool" project
  • Follow this messaging hierarchy:
    • Tagline: Open Source Information Cards
    • Longer description: Cards, wallets and so on are really just the tip of the iceberg. Below the user-experience/metaphor layer, Higgins is provides an pluggable identity framework that can be used to provide identity-related services to a wide variety of applications. The Higgins platform- and protocol-agnostic identity management framework frees the application developer from learning the details of identity technologies, protocols and toolkits. Developers can use Higgins to build "identity provider" web services (e.g. a Token Service) as well as to enable relying websites and applications to rely on identity assertions from identity providers. Developers can also extend Higgins to handle new data sources, new token types and new network protocols by developing plugins to the framework itself.

To Do:


New Downloads Organization

  • Create new download approach
    • Design new download approach to meet the needs of different "users"
      • Use the Components page as a "download index"?
      • Call out "Selected Downloads" (a few easy-to-consume solutions) vs. All downloads?
      • Take out a layer. For example, combine the page that lists all the available builds Example 1 with the page that you get when you click a build, that lists the available parts Example 2. This could be done by adding 3 additional links to each row on the first page, and eliminating the 2nd.
    • Vet download design with the dev list.
    • Develop new content required by download approach
    • Implemement new download approach - bugzilla: 218923

General Website Organization - can be done now, anytime

  • Update project plan and breakout milestone pages - 223368 Done
  • Combine status page with updated Project Plan page, and Past Milestones page into a single page. - Done - All but archive material combined
  • Combine volunteer and getting started material
  • Create a nursery directory for the Website so we can continue to do ongoing updates to the existing site while we are creating a major new nursery in the directory. (currently only have "production" and "development" (ver2) directories) call it nursery. 224379 Done
  • Clean up website directories when are done experimenting.
  • Make the POI and other Higgins papers more visible in own section under news. Don't just bury in press releases.
  • Break Higgins based Solutions at the bottom of Solutions page into open source and commercial offerings.
  • Revise Charter and update old long description

Eclipse i-cards

  • Creation and use of "Eclipse" i-cards to build community and drive usage experience
    • Follow-up with webmaster on specifics of relationship between bugzilla and mediawiki
    • Work with ICF and community on error handling for existing MediaWiki ((*Heads up to Charles)
    • Work with ICF and community on workflow for RP's
    • Propose details of Selectors offered initially and subsequently (Hosted (FireFox or AIR), Digital Me or Higgins hosted??)
    • Also create bugzilla RP and distribute widely
    • Draft phased proposal for Eclipse (types of cards, systems)

New three window home page content

  • Higgins Client
    • Selector
      • for Andorid
      • for iPhone
        • Markus thin client
        • Andy H.
      • for Mac
        • AIR
        • Cocoa
      • for Windows
        • AIR
        • GTK
      • for Linux
        • RPM
        • Debian
    • Higgins Selector Selector (HSS)
    • Higgins Browser Extension (new multi-protocol integrated version)
      • For FF
      • For IE
      • For Safari
      • For Chrome
  • IdP & RP
    • IdP
    • RP
  • Higgins Identity Services
    • IdAS
    • Card Store
    • I-Card Service


  • Create flash video(s) and make available from a link on the home page.
  • Could be several short 60-90 second ones. See two Data Portability videos, one in flash and the other in Blair Witch project style
  • Also show at workshops, etc.
  • When the site looks good and navigates well and we have a more polished end user experience post to YouTube and blog about it.
  • Can we get Derick Ashong to star in a brief video?


(This is much lower priority, requires more maturity)

  • Create hands on developer tutorials (i.e. how to add Higgins to my blog, How to hook a silo site up to CloudTripper or whatever...etc.)


  • Jazz up the request for volunteers with requests for specific bounties (when funding permits)


  • Twitter


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