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Web-CAT Grader Plug-in for Eclipse


Web-CAT, Web-based center for automated testing is a plugin-based web application that supports remote submission and automated grading of programming assignments. Currently the online marking interface is adequate but not perfect, the aim of this project is to build a plugin for Eclipse that integrates with the Web-CAT server to mark student's assignments. (A simple submission plugin already exists)

Web-CAT is built on WebObjects(from Apple), and can be easily extended with addon frameworks.

Current Progress

We spend some time initially figuring out how to run Web-CAT, and build some of its components to see how it works. At the moment we are in touch with Stephen Edwards from Virginia Tech who is the main architect behind Web-CAT, so that he can create a session-based protocol for Eclipse to talk to the server, since the server doesn't have a mechanism for this yet. We already have a WebAPI framework in progress to test some of the basic communications(login, requests).

On the GUI side, we have some simple prototype done to test the various views we need, and we have some work done on a similar grading plugin for our own OLM (online marking tool), so some of these code can be reused. Geofery Flores, another student at University of Toronto is working with me to do some usability research, and last week we held an interview session with several former teaching assistants about how they use marking tool such as OLM or Web-CAT.


Web-CAT Official Page

API proposals

First Usability Survey

Getting the source

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