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WTP Performance Test Information

Performance Test Owners

By ownership, this means you are responsible for sanity checking the current suite of tests, ensuring they are proper in timeliness and accuracy, and then making sure each week there are no regressions and that they are still running properly.

  • wst-common - Konstantin
  • wst-css - Nitin
  • wst-html - Nitin
  • wst-server - Angel
  • wst-wsdl - Valentin
  • wst-xml - Nitin
  • wst-xsd - Valentin
  • jst-j2ee - Carl
  • jst-jsp - Nitin
  • jst-server-tomcat - Angel
  • jst-ws - Kelvin Cheung
  • jst-jsf - Raghu - to be added in 3.0
  • jpt - Neil - to be added in 3.0

Latest Results

WTP 3.0 M1

Known Issues

  • Performance Test Bugs and Enhancements
  • Improve the actual tests. Why do some take so long? Why do some results fluctuate? Why do some have drastic performance degradations? Are the tests even still valid?

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