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WTP Functional Test R30 M4

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Web Tools 3.0 M4 Functional Tests -- December 21, 2007


Teams: We have entered the final test week for the WTP 3.0 M4 milestone. Please add a link or a brief descriptions of your test plans. We want to ensure all teams update this information and execute their test plans before we declare the WTP 3.0 M4 milestone build. This does not have to be anything extravagant, but we need to know some testing is done.

Test Matrix

December 21, 2007
Component(s) Platform(s) Functional Coverage Results
Java EE Win32

Java EE Smoke Test + adhoc testing + bug verification


214345 214360

JSF Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif
JPA Win XP JPA Tools Smoke Test + Ad Hoc + bug verification Checkmark.gif
Server Win XP Server Tools Smoke Test, Ad Hoc testing,

Verify bug fixes and enhancements added

Checkmark.gif (AV)
Web Services Win32 Verify Web services bugs and RFEs.

Web services smoke test & adhoc testing.

WSDL Win32 verify WSDL bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M4

WSDL Smoke Test Scenarios & adhoc testing


OSX 10.4.11, PPC

verify SSE bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M4

SSE Smoke Test Scenario & adhoc testing

XSD Win32 verify XSD bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M4

XSD Smoke Test Scenarios & adhoc testing

JSDT Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif

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