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Eclipse Web Tools Frequent Asked Questions

Many of the FAQ's found on this page have been pulled from the newsgroup. Thank you to everyone that took the time to answer these questions.

Looking for FAQ's related to the development of WTP? See the | Committer FAQ.

If you have identified a FAQ that is not in this list, please add it to the list. You will need a bugzilla user id in order to edit the page.

Table of Contents


How is the Eclipse Web Tools platformed licenesed?

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform consists of software produced by the Eclipse Project combined with third party software from other open source projects. The software produced by the Eclipse Project is made available under the Eclipse Public License. Third party components are made available under their own licenses. The detailed licensing information can be found in the Software User Agreement (notice.html) file in the root directory of the SDK download. Licensing for third party components is described in about.html files in the respective subdirectories.

How can I tell what is new and noteworthy within an specific release?

To be filled in.

How can I find a list of known problems with a release?

To be filled in.

Why am I getting a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space?

The default maximum PermGen space set by your JRE may be too small. You can increase the maximum PermGen size by launching WTP with VM argument: -XX:MaxPermSize=128m

Note that this issue only appears to happen using a Sun Java Runtime. Others runtime environments do not seem to have this issue.

After updating to Eclipse Europa why did I get this "can't find view" error?

After updating to Eclipse Europa I restart and get this error:

Problems occurred restoring workbench.

Could not find view: org.eclipse.wst.rdb.server.ui.navigator.serverExplorer

These errors are expected as RDB is not a part of Europa, so the associated RDB views and perspectives are not there. The user can use the new DTP views and perspectives.

Who are the contributors to the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project?

We have a page listing the hard working contributors to this project. See the FAQ if you are a committer.

What version of Eclipse does WTP work with?

  • WTP 1.0.x supports Eclipse 3.1.x.
  • WTP 1.5.x supports Eclipse 3.2.
  • WTP 2.0 is planned for Eclipse 3.3.

To use WTP with Eclipse 2.1.x see the IBM alphaWorks project IBM Web Tools for Eclipse.

Which zip file should I download?

The WTP SDK (wtp-sdk-*.zip) includes both the Standard Tools and Standard Tools, including source and both user and programmer documentation. If you aren't sure which download you need, you should probably get the SDK.

The software development kit (SDK) downloads are for developers wishing to build solutions on top of the Web Tools Platform, while the non-SDK (e.g.: downloads are suitable for everyone else's use. The project also provides separate builds of the Standard Tools (wtp-wst-*.zip) by themselves for those uninterested in the tooling for J2EE standards.

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