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WTP 3.0 Requirement Call 2007-08-14

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WTP 3.0 Requirements Meeting Minutes

  • Attendees
    • Raghu Srinivasan/Oracle (moderator)
    • Cameron Bateman/Oracle
    • Dave Carver/Star
    • Nitin Dahyabhai/IBM
    • Karen Moore/Oracle
    • Jason Sholl/IBM
    • David Williams/IBM
    • Gerry Kessler/Oracle
    • Werner Kerl/BEA
    • Jess Garms/BEA
    • Rob Frost/IBM
    • Kathy Chan/IBM
    • Ian Trimble/Oracle
    • Carl Anderson/IBM
    • Konstantin Komissarchik/BEA
    • Craig Salter/IBM
  • Notes
  1. Werner Kerl/BEA: With reference to the theme of Internationalization & Localization, is there a plan for WTP to coordinate with the Eclipse Babel Project?
    • Jess Garms/WTP PMC: The Babel project is in the proposal phase and currently there is no planned work in WTP to work with it. However, once the Babel project gets further along, we will make sure WTP works well with it.
  2. Dave Carver/Star: Is the listof enhancement request for WTP listed in the Requirement main page all the items that is targeted for 3.0 or are there more items?
    • Raghu Srinivasan/WTP PMC: The list is incomplete. There are more items that are planned for 3.0, but not listed in that query. This will be fixed soon.
  3. Dave Carver/Star: If WTP is planning to work on lot of enhancement requests, then I have a concern that we are not stabilizing the core base.

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