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WTP 2019-03-07

WTP Development Status Meeting

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

To join the call:

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Next Meeting: April 4, 2019 (3 weeks)

Announcements And Special Reports

WTP Calendar

WTP Calendar Sync this calendar along with your Google account

For overall SimRel dates, see the Simultaneous Release Calendar

Main Agenda Items

WTP 3.13 for Eclipse IDE 2019-03

Themes for WTP 3.13

  • Support for Java 11 (P1)
    • JEP 320: Remove the Java EE and CORBA Modules from Java SE, which are breaking API changes
    • There are also changes to how Java 11 is licensed for commercial purposes
    • It is possible that Orbit bundles intended as replacements for removed APIs rely on other packages that might also need to come from Orbit. You might need to import more than just the API packages that were removed from Java SE.
  • Past solutions:
    • Endorsed directories are no longer available as of Java 9, resolved by removing the JVM command line argument --it was empty by default. Bug 507338
    • Can't find javax.xml.bind, solved "the hard way" since the affected code is just using it to read and write preferences. Bug 542099

  • Moving to EPL 2.0 (P2, but some will slip to 3.14M1)
    • EPL FAQ section on relicensing
    • Webtools branch of Nitin's clone has some changes that can help with updating file headers, even if files have been renamed or moved in the git history. Be sure to check the "Copyright tool" preference page once it's built and installed! It can be built using Maven or via exporting as a deployable plug-in from within Eclipse. A built snapshot can be downloaded and added to your dropins folder for use.
      • Check your repository histories for move/rename comments and update the Copyright Tool Git preference page's exclusions
      • Check the main Copyright Tool preference page for the default text to be inserted into unlicensed source files--it is still EPL v1.0 upstream.
      • Run the tool, check the changes (this will be affected by disk I/O speed, so use the fastest one you can). It should be writing the same output to the Console view as well as copyrightLog.txt in the workspace directory.
      • Take heed of anything in the Console output under "Retains a reference to an outdated license, EPL v1.0". Those were strings referencing EPL v1's URL, but not in the copyright comment.
        • With a lot of files to check for the Source Editing repo, I had to find a way to review them faster than through the Git Staging view. That ended up being the git cli. git diff within the local clone will show changes in a scrollable text UI. As with the less command, you can use the / key to enter a Regular Expression search string: ^diff (the beginning of line followed by "diff" followed by a space), which is how each file's changes begin. After pressing Enter/Return, tapping n will jump to the next regex match (meaning the next file), while N will jump to the previous one. This allowed me to flip through the largely identical changes pretty quickly, looking for incorrect indentations or other problems (e.g. "t" used instead of "*" in the copyright comment) as if they were breaking a pattern, much like a few random frames spliced into a film reel will stick out. These outliers I then corrected from within Eclipse, and in the case of test reference files that didn't have a notice on them to start with, often undid the changes to avoid tampering with the tests (ours often rely on specific character offsets in those files).
      • Update/replace the about.htmls (license notices) that refer to EPL v1.0, ideally with text from late November, 2017 or newer. Source Editing's wst/jst schemas plug-ins contained more than just EPL notices because of the third party content, so be sure you look through those carefully.
      • Recommended: adopt the shared license feature, version 2.0.0.qualifer, and you can remove the license key and text value from your file. The build will use the license key from the license feature when it writes out the P2 metadata, so while you still need to refer to it in your feature.xml, you don't need to carry a copy of it in your feature project. Some features in WTP are already using the shared license feature, some are not, let's get it to 100%.
Moving to EPL 2.0 : Status
Project Status Comments
Common Checkmark.gif Nitin did this one
Java EE Questionmark.gif Nick's initial attempt caused test failures
JSF Checkmark.gif Nick did it -
Dali Checkmark.gif
Server Checkmark.gif Complete
Web Services, WSDL Checkmark.gif
JSDT & Node.js tools Questionmark.gif Nitin's attempt did not pass all tests, might have a conflict now 3.14M1
Source Editing Checkmark.gif See the whole section above
Release Engineering Checkmark.gif

LSP4E Exploration

In response to Mickael Istria's email from December, Nitin and Victor will be exploring the same tech stack for use as a JSON Editor, assuming the integration into the Eclipse UI proceeds apace. Depending on the findings, and if/how migration and other issues can be mitigated for adopters and end-users, it may be a future path for WTP's JavaScript tools.

Mickael Istra is aggressively pushing for the JavaScript EPP package for 2019-06 to be based on Wild Web Developer.

WTP 3.13 for Eclipse SimRel 2019.03

  • Bugs at a glance
  • SimRel FAQ and Plan
  • Bugzilla naming: Put the simrel into the Version that's reported against, e.g. "3.12 (2018-12)" since that's filled in by reporters, but keep the Target Milestone simple as before (3.13, 3.13 M1, etc.) so that bug queries don't get too complicated for developers.

  • Schedule is for 13 weeks, 4 cycles per year:
    • one week decompress and plan
    • (3) three week milestones
    • one week RC1
    • one week RC2
    • one week quiet and release
  • We will meet once per Milestone / RC scheduled for 1 week before the candidate build day. Declare is 5 days later with the corresponding EPP 2 days after that, and official SimRel/IDE availability one day after that.
    • Dev meeting on 1/10, M1 candidate built on January 10, M1 declare on January 15
    • Dev meeting on 1/24, M2 candidate built on January 31, M2 declare on February 5
    • Dev meeting on 2/14, M3 candidate built on February 21, M3 declare on February 26
    • Dev meeting on 2/21, RC1 candidate built on February 28, RC1 declare on March 5
    • Dev meeting on 3/7, RC2 candidate built on March 7 due to changes being approved, to be declared on March 12th

3.13 Schedule

January 10 M1 status meeting
January 10 M1 build candidate
January 15 WTP M1 declared
January 17 M1 EPP approved
January 18 SimRel 2019-03 M1
January 24 M2 status meeting
January 31 M2 build candidate
February 5 WTP M2 declared
February 7 M2 EPP approved
February 8 SimRel 2018.12 M2
February 14 M3 status meeting
February 21 M3 build candidate
February 26 WTP M3 declared
February 28 M3 EPP approved
March 1 SimRel 2019-03 M3
February 28 RC1 build candidate, changes should have project lead review and approval
March 5 WTP RC1 declared
March 7 RC status meeting
March 7 RC1 EPP approved
March 7 RC2 build candidate, changes require PMC + 1
March 8 SimRel 2019-03 RC1
March 12 WTP RC2 declared
March 14 RC2 EPP approved
March 15 SimRel 2019-03 RC2
March 20 3.13 quiet release
March 20 SimRel 2019-03 GA

3.13 Builds

Bug and Feature Highlights

Blockers, Hot-Bugs, Hot-Features

Folk? Us? On Quality?

Compiler warnings are increasing, not decreasing. High level warnings are 6x more than during 2018-09 simrel.

  • Compiler Warnings Per Project (click link at left, then scroll down for the warnings table)
  • 2019-03-06: 148,307 (3 high severity)
  • 2019-02-14: 148,311 (4)
  • 2018-11-09: 148,353 (25)
  • 2018-09-26: 148,372 (23)
  • 2018-08-16: 148,353 (4)
  • 2018-07-05: 148,272

Project status section

  • Each project may choose to post information about:
    • What have you been working on?
    • What are you working on for our next meeting?
  • Source Editing
    • Previously:
    • Upcoming:
      • EPL2 migration

Other business - Long term tracking items


Release Process & Releng Stuff

Category Links
Repos &

Gerrit requests

Tests Results &

Compilation Warnings

Release Docs
Policy Docs
  1. Hotbug Policy
  2. Hotfeature Policy

Project links

Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
common green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 232 tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
servertools green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 235 unit tests, 421 integration tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
jsdt green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 1467 (3 skip) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
sourceediting green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 10,891 (2 skip) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
javaee green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 585 (2 skip) (was 1,448 total) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
dali green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 4,705 tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
jsf green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 675 tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}
Project Status Browse Git p2 Repo Tests Pending Changes Gerrit Builds Clone
webservices green git gitiles lastSuccessfulBuild 570 (was 664) tests gerrit master git clone ssh://${GITUSER}

More Links

WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page

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