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WTP 2017-10-26

WTP Development Status Meeting

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

Announcements And Special Reports

Congratulations to Nitin for his (re)election as the WTP Source Editing project lead!

WTP Calendar

WTP Calendar Sync

For overall Oxygen dates, see the Simultaneous Release Calendar

Main Agenda Items

Release news/planning

  • Follow-on releases no longer called "Service Release" - now indicated by number (Oxygen.1)
    • More flexibility for new features in these releases.
    • WTP has been flexible for new enhancements in SR releases, but announced and PMC voted as appropriate
  • Oxygen release planning

WTP 3.9.2: Oxygen.2

  • WTP Releng is setting the Oxygen.2 build up still (branch/tagging issues switching back from the Oxygen.1a setup)
  • Oxygen Schedule
  • Some components still need to tag R3_9_1a (or equivalent)

3.9.2 Schedule

10/26 WTP Oxygen.2 Maintenance build
11/9 WTP Oxygen.2 RC1 (PMC +1 begins after declare)
11/16 WTP Oxygen.2 RC2 (PMC +1 still)
11/23 WTP Oxygen.2 RC3 (PMC +2 begins after declare)
11/30 WTP Oxygen.2 RC4 (PMC +3 begins after declare)

3.9.2 Builds

WTP 3.10.0: Schedule

  • Once your git repository is tagged for Oxygen, you can start to contribute content for Photon to master
10/26 3.10.0 M3 build
11/9 3.10.0 Integration build
11/23 "Thanksgiving" in U.S., so no smoketest
12/7 3.10.0 M4 build

3.10.0 Builds

WTP 3.10.0: Repo Re-org And Releng Redux

Stalled Gerrit requests

The following requests have been sitting for more than 48hrs with no response, or have been reviewed but not merged. Help me help you!





  • Steps done: decoupling / circular deps resolved
  • Build / update site: TBD
  • Blocked? YES - doc fails to build with Tycho 0.21, but works with later builds due to this change to switch to a new config param (old one deprecated):
  -    <applicationsArgs>-consolelog -debug -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner -quiet -buildfile buildDoc.xml</applicationsArgs>
  +    <appArgLine>-consolelog -debug -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner -quiet -buildfile buildDoc.xml</appArgLine>



  • Blocked by above merges/builds
  • currently prevents releng.aggregator from being built due to org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.core.tests, which should be skipped with -DskipWithIssues=true
  • See also Bug 526334 - ignore vestigial project settings which appear in Eclipse but are ignored by Tycho, like API access restrictions
  • TODO:


  • Blocked by above merges/builds
  • TODO:


  • Blocked by above merges/builds
  • TODO:
    • (?) complete merge plan / decouple circular deps; script merge, apply merge
    • verify tests run
    • cleanup sourceTemplate folders
    • migrate to Tycho 1.0

Bug and Feature Highlights

Focus on Quality

  • Improve:
  • Triage:
  • Target to a specific release or "future" if planning to fix but not in the next release
  • Adjust severity as appropriate

Release Bug Review

Oxygen.2 targeted bugs

Blockers, Hot-Bugs, Hot-Features

Blocker and Critical
Hotbugs [1]
Hotfeatures [2]
Hotfeatures - triaged with helpwanted

Project scrum section

  • Each project answers
    • What are you working on?
    • What are you planning for next week?

WTP Common Tools

Dali Java Persistence Tools

WTP EJB & Java EE Tools

JavaScript Development Tools

JavaServer Faces

Server Tools

WTP Source Editing

  • Resolved:
    • Book keeping bug 526433 for wst.web features
  • In progress/coming up:
    • Involved with Facelet encoding detection 344283
    • Will branch for R3_9_maintenance once repositories are merged and clean builds resumed
    • New (old?) Lead?

Web Services Tools



Any others?

Other business - Long term tracking items


  1. Hotbug Policy
  2. Hotfeature Policy

Also, see

Luna release retrospective
Standard Format Plans
WTP 3.7.x maintenance release plan
how/when to branch code?
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See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.

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